Kickstarter: iLUUN Is a Wireless USB Drives to Your Device

iLUUN is a USB drive, you can wirelessly access from your smartphone or tablet, and that you can have with you wherever you go. Read more about the new Kickstarter project here.

Have you ever run out of space on your phone or had the need to easily be able to share photos, videos and other files with others nearby? Yes, it is a new Kickstarter project called iLUUN maybe something for you.

iLUUN is in all its simplicity a wireless USB drive that can be connected to any smartphone and tablet via its built-in Wi-Fi network.

Thus, you can upload and download files to/from iLUUN Jack on your device, so you don’t need to have the entire landscape locally.

It all takes place via an app that is available for both Android and iOS, and with up to eight devices can access the material on the USB drive. iLUUN is available in sizes from 32 GB up to 256 GB and can so enlarge your memory with quite a bit.

The connector is running on battery and can last for 5 hours of active use and has a standby time of just over a week. The technology is USB 3.0 and it takes good 1.5 hour to let fully up.

The chic by iLUUN is that you connect your device via its Wi-Fi network, so you therefore does not depend on a proper internet connection in order to be able to view your saved videos and images, which is particularly convenient if you are on vacation, or anywhere else that streaming via the Web is not possible.

iLUUN is the size of a standard USB connector, and can possibly sit in your key chain or in a small pocket in the bag.

Project on Kickstarter is not yet officially started, but you can already now read more about their product here until it goes live on 11. October, where you among other things. You can acquire a on 32 GB memory for 39 $.

iLUUN expects, moreover, to be able to deliver the product to March next year.