Kindle Owners Can Borrow Book

The Kindle, the main e-book reader that is out there, had in its traditional business model “buy the book and then read it as many times as you want.” But there is room for new features, and Amazon took advantage of this space to present on Thursday a new way to get digital books. And not through piracy, but through a central to loan books.

Yes, like a library. The Kindle owners (the device itself, not worth Kindle app for smartphone or tablet ) can the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library to select some titles which access need not be paid. At least not individually.

Instead, users must be subscribers of the Prime package, offered exclusively by Amazon as a loyalty program that brings some benefits . Among them, from today, the figure special library with titles whose loan is free. Prime cost 79 dollars annually.

Amazon says that “more than 100 titles” of the bestseller list of the New York Times now and the past are in the lending library. Just go in there with one of the Kindle devices, choose the title and download. There is no deadline for the return of the book. When choosing another title, the former automatically add the Kindle. The notes and markings are in the storage service in the cloud of Amazon, if the user decides to buy the title in the end.

On the other hand, the user is limited to the loan of a book at a time, and only one book per month. The first constraint to make sense, but not the second. If I am a voracious reader and paid by Prime, why can not rent more than one book per month?

Even with the “more than 100 titles,” the information you have about the literary seals lacking. None of the six largest publishers of United States stumbled release their publications to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

The linked library for Kindle devices comes just 12 days before Amazon start distributing the Kindle Fire. I’m talking about the first tablet itself the Kindle family. Uses the Google Android as a platform, but without some apps that should be part of Android.