Kitchen Clock: 20 Models for a Unique Decoration

The wall clock is now a must-have accessory for a kitchen. It allows to magnify the style of decoration of the room while providing a daily reliable and reliable time indicator for the preparation and the cooking of the dishes.

That said, you really need to attach the useful to the pleasant and find a wall clock that will make your kitchen a unique space, but also a space you like the deco and design.Inspirations.

Try a vintage clock or industrial style

These vintage-style clock models will go great in a kitchen decorated in the same look, or in an industrial look that mixes the following tones of colors: brown-white, brown-black, brown-black-white, brown- Grey White.

Kitchen Clock 20 Models for a Unique Decoration 1

Mixed retro/modern clock

The clock below can be installed in a kitchen that combines the retro and modern styles, or in a 100% retro kitchen, or in a kitchen that is 100% modern.In the case of the modern kitchen, the decoration should be focused on the colors white, gray and black for a perfect harmony of colors.

Kitchen Clock 20 Models for a Unique Decoration 2

Crack for a 100% modern clock

Unlike the previous ones, these wall clocks are meant for a kitchen with a decoration that is 100% modern, or whose style combines modern and Zen trends.Their simple style and barefaced character are their great assets, clearly distinguishing themselves from the decor in spite of their sober and clear color.

Special summer decoration clock

The lovely colors of summer that are red and orange are invited in your kitchen with this beautiful clock with colored needles. Moreover, the latter represent a spoon, a spatula or a fork, which is perfectly adapted to the thematic of the kitchen.

Clock for a trendy marine decoration

The sea breeze is encrusted in your kitchen with this wall clock on a wooden background.The design suggests a trip to the seaside, and it fits well with a kitchen decorated in a marine style, with shells, a hammock, a small bar similar to those on the beach, and so on.

Dare the minimalist mind and metal clock

A metallic clock, all the branches of which are utensils:spoons, forks and even a table knife for one of his needles. It sounds a little eclectic, but it gains charm and elegance. It is perfect for a kitchen with a minimalist decoration based on the gloss of the stainless steel kitchen accessories:faucets, sink, kettles, etc., and on the white color of the walls and the work surface.

Kitchen Clock 20 Models for a Unique Decoration 3

And why not a British style clock?

Lovers of period furniture and British clocks?So treat yourself with this 100% British clock.It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, and can also be hung in a baroque or antique style kitchen.

Opt for a trendy and glamorous clock

The kitchen can also be a glamorous place, is not it?So sow some romance and sweetness with this beautiful clock that takes again an effigy of the Eiffel Tower.We particularly appreciate the flowers and the design of which emerges a note of freshness, and the background drawing that invites to the dream and the discovery of Paris.

A coffee atmosphere clock: a good choice

Simple and coquettish, this wall clock just reminds you that it is nice to take a break to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cup of tea.Its red color can adapt to all styles of kitchen decoration.However, it will be clearly enhanced in a kitchen whose dominant color is white or gray, or in a cooking atmosphere summer and ultra-colored with notes of red, orange or yellow.

Clock for spring atmosphere

This clock is perfect for a rustic kitchen located outside, and preferably in the middle of the garden. She winks at cooks and guests who wait patiently for their barbecues or the hour to taste at 4 in the afternoon… But one can also put it in a kitchen workshop spirit that has a glass window allowing to have a magnificent view on the garden, and that also has a terrace on which one can enjoy a fast meal in the nice season.