Lack of AMOLED Screens Slows OnePlus 3 Violently

OnePlus suffers continued with long delivery times due to shortage of AMOLED screens. Rumors sounds that will solve the problem with a revised OnePlus OnePlus 3.

Since the Chinese producer OnePlus launched its third top model, OnePlus 3, have interest in the phone been so great, that it has not been possible to produce enough phones.

Therefore, the producer at the beginning of august had put sales temporarily on hiatus in nothing less than 24 countries in a whole month, but it has, according to the company’s co-founder, Carl Pei, has not had the desired effect. On the contrary, the situation became worse when the many weeks of delay soon after spread to Denmark.

So far, there has been no explanation for the slow production of OnePlus 3 phones, but on the company’s forum sheds light on the reason now co-founder. In a reply to a thread, he tells, that it is a lack of AMOLED display panels, due to the many weeks of waiting on OnePlus 3.

‘The demand for AMOLED is higher in 2016 than the industry had expected after a total lower than expected demand for AMOLED in 2015. Production capacity at the factory was therefore reduced. Why is the delivery time increased sharply, ‘ he added in his reply.

Thus, there is no other than to wait extremely patiently for up to a month if you have ordered or will order a OnePlus 3. At present it is only possible to order color Graphite with 4 weeks of waiting time, while Soft Gold is not even possible to order anymore.

Rumor: OnePlus launches revised OnePlus 3S

The problem will OnePlus according to a rumor from the website Gizmochina rectify by replacing the AMOLED screen with an LCD screen, while the processor at the same time around will be upgraded to Snapdragon 821 instead of 820. The information should come from a source with one of OnePlus ‘ suppliers, from which the sounds that the production of OnePlus 3 with the original specifications have already been stopped.

However, there is reason to doubt this rumor for several reasons. Firstly, OnePlus’ Carl Pei in the above thread on the company’s website directly written that AMOLED is better than LCD monitors – in other words, that he is unlikely to replace AMOLED with LCD in OnePlus 3.

Then it will not send the best signal for the many persons during the first four months has reached to purchase the phone, which will then be already will be ‘ outdated ‘ in relation to the revised OnePlus 3S, which was supposed to be the name.

OnePlus also experience a tremendous amount of interest for OnePlus 3 in recent weeks, partly because Samsung has endured with the many problems with Note 7, which conclusively are was shelved, partly because many consumers have been waiting for prices on Google’s Pixel-phones, which have proved to be quite high.

With the sharp price on OnePlus 3 wads it so in with new orders for the time being, that is not just better, but the delay does have another product in the portfolio with related product development, customer service and software updates can indeed solve the problems in the short term, but may be able to give more problems in the long run.

About the solution for OnePlus so simply is to accept new orders and continue with ugelande delays for some time, while waiting for that new consignments of AMOLED screens arrives at the factory will turn out in the coming weeks.

How do you think OnePlus should tackle this ‘ luxury problem ‘ – that interest in OnePlus 3 is all too great?Should producer opt for a revised edition and get caught up with the lost, or it is an unsustainable solution? Give your say in a comment below.