Lamb Handbag Collection

With a renewed image strategy that looks forward abroad and the new “minimalist collection” 2014, started by Francesco Biasia season, the prestigious handbag brand from Vicenza

Francesco Biasia, one of the most prestigious Italian brand handbag, the Braccialini group, announces these days the many new features that will characterize the near future of the brand. Born in 1977 as a small workshop near Vicenza and grown to become today an international company, Francesco Biasia embodies the creative spirit and innovative Italian that never betrays the craftsmanship hinges from which it originates-quality materials, craftsmanship, care in production-but she marries them with the changing demands of fashion and modern culture. Right in front of these new challenges, Francesco Biasia innovates and launches a campaign of brand expansion that sees the opening of a series of single-brand flagship store and expanding abroad the guidelines of their own development, and proposed at the market the new collection spring-summer 2014 and Biasia initiative Lab Limited Edition. In short, many new to innovate while remaining true to tradition.

Media Lab: A lab talents

Focus on the needs and demands of customers and to listening to the trends so you can produce an almost customized limited edition. This is the idea that underlies Biasia Lab, a veritable laboratory of ideas formed by a group of emerging designers and eager to show your talent in the production of a series of collections that will be renewed each month, looking for an original and unusual, for this field, solution “tailored” according to the specifications of customers. At the center of the lab also research, both in the treatment of skins, that the choice of materials and workmanship: the continuous experimentation is the basis of the vision Francesco Biasia and its success in the world. Alongside this initiative, it was launched an expansion plan aimed at strengthening the sales network and brand image through the opening of several flagship store before the historic centers of major Italian cities and then abroad, with particular attention paid the Far & Middle East. Will Milan the city to host the first flagship Francesco Biasia, closely followed by Rome and Florence , increasing the sales network that already has 120 multi-brand stores in Italy, 160 in Europe and 20 in the rest of the world.


Francesco Biasia handbag collection primavera estate 2014

By 2015 it is expected the all-important foreign expansion with the opening of 14 single-brand in China, one in Japan and 3 in the Middle East and an important strengthening of multi-brand centers also in Brazil, Russia and the United States. Meanwhile the house Vicenza also presents its new collection Spring / Summer 2014 handbags, inspired by the American artist Richard Artschwager, who died last February at age 90, and that was one of the world’s leading exponents of minimalism. A creative genius who best embodies the research and testing of Francesco Biasia in the use and penetration of different shapes, colors and materials. A modernist inspiration, then, that draws deeply from pop art and from abstract, where everyday objects are revisited in a dreamlike key to become real pieces of art. Just like for a handbag at Preorderhandbags. The collection has therefore chosen a determined line, essential and “minimal” course, with bright colors used cleverly with more delicate textures and natural. According to the very spirit of the “woman Francesco Biasia”, for which the skin is something more than an accessory, but a means by which to convey their emotions and their way of being.