Large Size, Large Class?

The bleating Trine is once again on the road, I’m sorry if it annoys you, but I just have my mustard to the Sommemoden plus size collection rid of Tchibo. Perhaps you noticed that too on one or the other way, sometime so a quarter of a year ago, Tchibo called, that you could sign up for a workshop with them. Here the new plus size revised collection discussed, presented, and customer wishes and ideas should be taken up and implemented.

I wasn’t there and can therefore not much to say I’d like also the women who were there, not to offend or by making them, that they had no styles or no taste. But if what came out here, a workshop is made extra, I think we could have expected a lot more.

Unfortunately the summer clothing in large sizes in my opinion is a total bust. One can not speak of summer, the colors are much mud covered, and khaki, white, black and Yes, there are also a few splashes of color, but keep this in borders. The clothes are, as always, simple, in the typical forms and seriously not even that would attract my dear MOM (51), looks so frumpy and boring most.

Yes of course, you can now say that there are good basics there, so a collection should be generally suitable for mass production and even we can us thick women just times that women to ever bother somebody.

But this is Yes what I fault again! As already in my “Tunic of death” described contribution to cover already a wide range of boring things that try to cover all of me and me, in subdued colors in Germany this mass market, there apparently is served but plenty.

The collection is really not my thing and I hope you like no one else, so that the fashion industry in Germany finally gets a hint of a clue, that Polo shirts and 7/8 cargo pants in colors of mud are not the heartfelt wishes of a thick woman. And at the same time I wonder why consumers as well as producers always as much of them are convinced that you must put a thick body in clothes that differ so much from, that “normal” women can wear and may. Just a few weeks ago, there was a spring/summer week at Tchibo. I admit I’m not their biggest fan, but I would have taken the part of one or the other from the collection in the “normal” sizes, colors, patterns and cuts and the styling of models was completely different.

If I look at the collection, I wonder whether really, how far it has come, the women who wear size 42 is still mean, she could wear any dresses or skirts. Because it comes not only from the women themselves, but if one is offered if you over and over again gets regurgitate the same old colors and boring clothes, then never something better, more modern, or well cut’s runaway but no wonder of the woman to wear a colorful summer dress or a wildly printed skirt…

Long story short: I’m tired of this separation of fashion, this discrimination my body and that I always and everywhere, told that I can’t wear certain things simply. And even if some companies are trying to open, for women like me it’s disappointing way always and always again wrong. I feel actually by almost any plus-size brand really represents or understood and only right not by a German!

I have by the way quite an open mind a black Treggings Tchibo bring me, but probably it goes back tomorrow, photo do I do tomorrow maybe, so am really not very satisfied.

Today the German brand Tchibo, which traditionally sells coffee but of so has a shop with different themes every week, released their plus size summer collection, which will be in stores for 2 weeks or so. They made a workshop to see what customers and plus size woman would want a collection to be, but unfortunately I think it went totally wrong once gain. I am not so sure if it is just me, who just has a totally different key, or if the majority of german woman really likes to hide under layers of olive green and muddy colors. I really don’t like what they came up with and I think it is just looking like every single thing you can get at a German plus size shop. It frustrates me so much, I don’t want the industry to dictate me what and what not to wear by just giving me things to buy like this.