Latest Men’s Shoes Trends

Let’s go on round 2, because the Monk is not the only shoe that is a bit masculine this season.This winter you can-no, better said you-apply thickly!

What is meant is of course the soles of your shoes, no matter whether boots , boots or even sneakers , a thick sole with a distinctive profile is a must! Honestly, rarely are the outfits on the catwalks of this world actually synonymous everyday or even saisontauglich. However, this trendis the famous exception of the rule. The thick sole is ideal for the winter, it keeps your feet far away from the cold winter floor and not for nothing many soils has more profile than a winter tire for the car. Slipping?-Locked out! How splendidly practical fashion can be.

But where does the trend come from?
Sure, it could be ascribed to the shoe designers who are concerned about our safety in the winter. But the longer you think about it, the more unbelievable this thesis becomes.
In principle, one can say that it is a reaction to the trend of wide pants. Bootcut Jeans & Co can now be found in almost every shop. But what shoes do you use to combine such trousers best, do you notice that most of the oversized pants are swallowed? A problem was solved, because the thicker the sole and the more distinctive the profile, the rarer a shoe from the trouser leg can be swallowed.

Combinations for the thick sole there are dozens, according to Be it the cool bikinette sneaker with simple black tube jeans and olive green parka or the bootcut jeans to ankle boots with large wedge heel and platform. As a rule of thumb, you should only pay attention to the fact that you choose a simple outfit for an extravagant shoe, so you and your shoe will be the most effective.

For fashion, the saying goes: “You always meet twice in your life.” This is also true for this trend, so if you have shoes from the 1990s at home, you can get them out again this winter. Or you can take a look at us and cover up completely .

So, and now I have nothing more than to wish you a happy new year. And with these shoes you definitely do not slip out. Until next year, I hope you look forward to part 3.