Leaked Press Photos: Here Is Huawei Mate 9

The giant mobile manufacturer Huawei is by all accounts on the road with another top model in the form of Huawei Mate 9. See the leaked photos, and what they reveal.

We are at the time of the year, as all mobile interested lover. It is now all the major manufacturers displaying their latest mobile flag ships forward, and in addition to the already presented products from Samsung, Sony and, most recently, Apple, yes then there is fortunately more topmobiler on the way.

One of them, we certainly expect to see in the near future, is the next big mobile from Huawei, Huawei Mate 9, and just today have emerged a large number of sharp press photos up of the supposed super-tablet. The alleged photos of the big phone reveals both information about colors, sizes and other interesting details. 

The alleged pictures of Mate 9 have appeared on the Chinese platform Weibo and collected by Android Pure, and they seem to be quite credible. It can be seen, inter alia, that the new phone will have a dual camera setup, exactly as is the case with Huaweis P9 series.

Further, it can be seen that it is precisely cooperation with LEICA, which continues from P9-phones, and the two camera sensors appear to be accompanied with dual flash-one on each side.

Under the camera is the familiar finger scanner from Huawei, which we also find on former Huawei phones including Nexus 6 p.

You look at the front of the phone then it is probably a front camera, a feel for the call, as well as the receiver, we can spot. At the bottom of the device seen in addition, Huaweis logo, which is also a known drag from the Chinese manufacturer.

Picture of the front of the phone may also reveal, when we should expect to see more of Mate 9, taking the bottom on the display can be seen date 18. November. Therefor it should be mentioned that the predecessor Mate 8 just launched in november last year, why a launch around the same time seems likely.

Last but not least, so reveals another picture the possible configurations of phones, as well as their expected price in the Chinese Yuan, a currency which is very close to the Danish.

It can be seen that a base model of Mate 9 with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage space will cost $ 3,199 yuan. A slightly larger version with 4 GB and 128 GB hukkommelse stands to 3,899 yuan. Finally found the greatest version of Mate 9 with 6 GB RAM and 256 GB storage space to 4,700 yuan.

In Danish kroner will prices by a simple conversion, as mentioned above, countries at roughly the same level, but by all accounts, should we expect any somewhat higher prices, when Huawei Mate 9 even lands in stores.