Learn How to Organize an Unforgettable Wedding!

A ceremony and wedding party are the celebration of the love and joy of a couple with their friends and family. At the same time, it is an intimate moment in the life of the couple. There are many details to be observed and planned to make a wedding reception flawless and unforgettable.

With that in mind, we’ve put together 12 tips that will make this day even more sophisticated and special for you and all your guests. Were you curious? So keep following up and find out how to organize a beautiful wedding that will stay in everyone’s memory!

Hold A Brief Ceremony

We know how important and meaningful the judge’s (or religious) speech is, as well as the vows and the whole tradition of the ceremony. But not everyone can keep their attention for long. Even because some guests may have had to face long hours to be present at their wedding and therefore they will be tired.

The tip is: keep these processes in a time space of about 20 minutes, not counting the inputs and outputs. In this way, there will be no distracted or bored people.

Use Wedding Apps Or Hashtags

According to CraftinLearning.com, there are several applications for wedding ceremonies and you can use one of them to keep the guests informed about the novelties and curiosities of the celebration.

In addition, you can also easily access all photos of events, asking everyone to upload them in the same place. Another simple tip is still to create a creative hashtag and ask those who take photos to tag them with the chosen tag.

Welcome Guests From Other Cities

A delicate and very interesting idea in a wedding organization is to give those friends or family members who came from another city to the ceremony with a small welcome basket.

You can include a tour guide of the city, to enjoy even better the stay, typical drinks and drinks of your city, tips on how and where to find the best services and products, snacks and some personalized item with the names of the bride and groom.

Rent An Instant Photo Booth

These booths are always a success! The guests will be entertained and happy to have an immediate memory of your wedding party. In addition, your photo album will be much more fun and complete.

Organize A Seating Scheme

A seating arrangement is very important for your guests to interact and enjoy themselves in the best possible way. Put people who know each other or who you believe will get close together and the “incompatibles” in more distant places. No matter if your reception will be more intimate, with self service or exclusively with waiters and bartenders, this planning will ensure a much greater success for the event.

Be Considerate Of All The Guests

Yes, it may seem a bit too obvious. But it is important to point out that it makes all the difference to personally greet each of those present on the big day. No matter when or where, it can be just after the ceremony, visiting the different tables or hanging around the bar and snack tables. People will feel much more cherished, special, and content if you give them a little attention.

Invest In An Open Bar

We know that beverages can be one of the most expressive values ​​of a marriage. However, you can not charge the guests, much less let them drift in that respect, right? There are options for all budgets.

Good drink is not necessarily expensive. Define what you can afford and choose the options that are most successful among most people, such as juice, soda, beer, vodka and sparkling wine.

Make Up A Personalized Drink

Speaking of drink, how about asking the bar manager to come up with a drink with the bride and groom’s name or a “mashup” between the two? For example, if the bride and groom are called Felipe and Mariana, the drink may be called “Felina” or “Malipe”. And do not forget to announce the news for everyone on bulletin boards with suggestions of drinks by the open bar counter or on small “menus”.

Create A Versatile Playlist

Okay, you can love a soft jazz or just instrumental music, for example. But you agree that this just will not shake the dance floor, will it? Creating a versatile playlist does not mean putting styles or songs you do not like.

It just means it needs to vary in rhythms. If you do not support pagode, sertanejo or funk, for example, guarantee the fun with animated hits of any decade you prefer. There is a huge variety of fun options from the 40’s, at least until today.

Or vice versa, the boss is you. But also put those songs that are almost a unanimity, that everybody likes or knows. Another tip: Let the guests suggest songs for the band or DJ.

Do Not Forget The Comfort

This is true for you and the guests. If the party is gala, most likely the women will be discouraged from dancing and circulating much because of high heels. How about you relax and enjoy them with personalized slippers ? Certainly your friends will love being gifted with this gift that will guarantee greater comfort. You also will not call “breathing” a little, will you?

Serve Late Night Snacks

If the party is a success – and we bet it will be if you follow these tips – the day will almost be over and there will still be people dancing, talking and having fun. In order to replenish the strength (and avoid that hangover), nothing better than serving snacks that serve as a kind of “pre-breakfast”. Coffees, French macaroons, biscuits, liqueurs, pates and rolls are some foolproof options.

Give Useful And Creative Souvenirs

Wedding souvenirs make the most success and represent a very delicate gesture of the bride and groom. And why not choose an option that will really be useful to you?

A photo of you and your fiancé is not framed in this case, except perhaps for very close people (like parents and best friends). Much more cool and creative options are little pots of hot candies, chiclets, truffles or stylish mugs so they can leave while having a good cup of coffee and enjoy the cup later.