Learn to Wear Trendy Jackets

If you still hanging in the closet, we need to intercede for them. Vests are not only fashionable, but also variable. Get at least one and see how to create new combinations. And by the way, the longer optically slimming your figure.

This time, skip the classic denim vests and bushy, with whom you spend the winter. They wear cloth jackets of stronger and lighter materials, most of which is carried in the extended length. Most flattering jackets are going back to mid-thigh. You can cover up stronger hips, and when you leave them open, you visually longer and slimmer figure. Vests that are downloaded belt at the waist, are for use in women who flamboyance assertion.

Did you find the one that suits you? Great! Now you just get rid of the fear that the vest will not have to wear what. You can dress her up because almost everything. In addition to classic trouser suits to jeans. Until you do not want to think, what to wear, pull out a favorite pair of jeans, a white shirt and a vest. The choice of shoes is up to you – they will throw shoes, quality leather sneakers, but also heels, sandals or ballet flats.

Vest can throw even over her clothes, especially through the bush. This tip is also suitable for women who over the winter have increased their few kilos and in tight dresses, which until recently were worn, they do not feel absolutely fine. We guarantee that the camouflage nobody will suspect. Life jackets will come in handy for short shorts (short lengths and the contrast works) and skirts.