Learning From the Queen: 3 Tips on How to Wear Brooches

Queen Elizabeth has the largest and enviable jewel collection in the world. Of course, she so is an expert when it comes to the question of how to best wear these.

Their unmistakable flair for jewelry often shows the Queen in a very special detail – a flashy diamond brooch.

The Queen has countless brooches, you can admire another at almost every official appearance, but she followed some simple rules, right to the show to the set.

  1. to what you wear the brooch

As a brooch sits on the skin, but on substance, is it is enormously important to what it attracts. The Queen wearing usually eye-catching, colorful colors that draw attention to your costume. The corresponding brooch is either made of sparkling diamonds and stands out that color, or contains colorful jewels and absorbs the colors of the dress. Either way, highlight of the outfit is always the brooch.

  1. where to wear the brooch

If the Queen has perfected one, then must sit on what level a brooch. Millimeter, she has made the perfect position in many years of work. The brooch is located close enough to the left shoulder, to be always visible even in close-ups of her face, but not too high to get in the shade of her hat. This expertise was particularly evident at the Royal Wedding a few weeks ago. The Queen’s brooch was clearly visible even from the wide range of angles of the cameras attached to the ceiling of Westminster Abbey. And as they sat after the ceremony in a side geschlossenenPferdekutsche, the brooch was still visible.

  1. and how to combine them

Brooches shine most beautifully alone and let hate to steal the show from other opulent jewels . The Queen knows that. It combines their brooches so simple BIREME beaded necklaces and matching earrings. The focus is on the brooch, but the outfit has not overloaded, nor is she wearing a nude cleavage for a walk.

And how to wear brooches in everyday life? They are suitable especially for festive occasions such as weddings or big birthdays. But also the business outfit makes a sparkling brooch at the Blazer into something special.