Leather Jackets, Models, Prices, Where to Buy

Leather jackets are the pieces that never go out of style.They can be found in different models, in the most varied prices, and the most important in several stores.Thinking of facilitating your search for these precious things, we have made a selection of information that will help you when choosing and also where to buy them.

Leather Jackets, Models, Prices, Where to Buy

Models of leather jackets

  1. Women’s leather jackets
  • There are several models of leather jackets for women at Elaineqho, which can be shorter or longer, with buttons or zippers, and with different collars and colors;
  • The black ones are always the most sold, because they combine with several looks;
  • The models still feature in lighter and brown colors, which serve to please all tastes;
  • For women motorcyclists there are exclusive jackets with more discreet prints and more closed collars;
  • There are also medium jackets for those who like more sophisticated and elegant models.
  1. Men’s leather jackets
  • The men’s jackets are becoming more beautiful facilitating the formation of various looks;
  • The tone options have been increased to make the pieces even more modern and to get away from the basic black;
  • The success among them is the leather jacket in the pinion and brown tones;
  • The piece can be worn both with jeans, denim and jean;
  • Men’s jackets can still be found in various models such as short or long, with buttons or zipper, and with different collars and colors.

Tips:models, prices, where to buy leather jackets

  1. All Leather:In this site you can find the most diverse models of men’s and women ‘s leather jackets, and in the most varied prices, colors and sizes.See an available template.
  • Women’s leather jacket:this is a medium jacket with a collar and zipper.It has two zippered side pockets.Available in brown, brown, ivory and black.

Leather Mania:The site is the face of motorcyclists who love a leather jacket.It has several models and colors, from the most traditional to the most sophisticated.See the template.

  • Perfect traditional leather jacket (unisex):this is a real bovine leather jacket, made with 1.2 mm more of special leather for protection.It has the option of metal zipper or black, with collars or without
  1. Leathers Online:This website has a wide variety of jackets for men’s and women’s leathers.It offers several brands and promotions that are not to be missed.See the tip.

Classic short leather jacket (maxi leathers):this is a short jacket, ideal for the most classic or basic looks. It has a soft leather with several color options. Lined with 100% polyester, it has two invisible front pockets and in various sizes.

Leather jackets can also be found in several stores, in various cities, in the most varied models and prices.In addition, there are many other sites that make these jackets so popular.Choose the one that suits you best and hit the look all year long.