LED Lights for Outdoor Lighting

It is important to be clear what use we will give our flashlight. As we said in the introduction to this guide, we do not need the same flashlight if we play a sport like cycling or running that if we are to carry out mining, diving and search and rescue. We also have to take into account the season in which we will conduct our business.

LED Lights for Outdoor Lighting

Lanterns Hunting

We need a powerful flashlight, with a smooth reflector that projects light long distance and fixed at a specific point. The minimum range should be 200 meters and need a coupling to the weapon. There are flashlights hunting red light (LED Lenser Hocus focus) or green (Laser genetics) as there are animals that do not distinguish these colors. If you want a powerful flashlight and not too big, a flashlight Klarus XT30 can be your best option.

Hiking and Trekking

To perform this type of activity we need a headlamp that allows us to have a free hand. We must take into account two factors depending on the intensity and difficulty of our activity, weight and autonomy of our flashlight. A very heavy and with little autonomy flashlight will not serve us for long and difficult routes up the mountain. One of the best on the market is the new headlamps Headlamp LED Fenix ​​HP30. Click to learn more.


For this type of activity weight it is critical. We need a lightweight headlamp. We must consider where we go fora run. If the mountain, we need a more powerful flashlight and preferably pitcher, not tripping over uneven ground. LED Lenser has launched a new series of headlamps with low weight that will come you very well for this type of activity, such as Headlamp LED Lenser SEO7R.


To practice this sport the power of light is the most important. Your flashlight should provide good visibility both long and short range, there are models that offer flashlights that double beam.

A bicycle flashlight can be installed on the handlebar and helmet. If you decide on the handlebars, you have a fixed and defined by the movement of the bicycle lighting. With the flashlight attached to the hull, will allow us to better illuminate the curves or elements of the bike itself and we can direct the light more freely.

BT20 Bicycle Headlights Fenix ​​is a professional focus that gives us great visibility distance thanks to its 750 lumens. Check it out on this site.

Diving, Caving, Mining, Search and Rescue

For extreme sports and survival and rescue tasks we choose the most powerful and the maximum possible autonomy flashlights. 500 lumens you have to get all the power and the potential scope, and at least three modes of operation more minimum SOS mode.

It is advisable to work with lithium batteries, since all the power offered by LEDs, which is submersible, waterproof and takes advantage. Important that the housing is of a shock-resistant and non-slip material, because for many of these activities are necessary gloves.

There are lanterns that carry a lock button, which helps the flashlight will not accidentally turn on in the backpack when pressed unconsciously for some reason.

If you are diving we recommend the Lantern Led Lenser D14 Diving . If you need a powerful and high autonomy for rescue operations or rescue flashlight we recommend the flashlight Fenix ​​TK51 as one of the best options you can find on the market.


Tactical Night lights and Professional


What is a tactical night light and how it differs from a conventional?

Tactical flashlights are more robust, shock resistant and moisture, especially at the possibility of falls or blows during use.

Also have a nonslip surface and, in many cases, a clip to hold the vest, belt or pocket and it is thus more accessible. Follow to see more.

Some models even include a ring gear around the outbreak to serve as an impact weapon of last resort, in places where it is not legal or advisable to carry other weapons. The use of these lanterns defense is very intuitive and effective. They can also incorporate a rompevidrio system in a given moment can function as a light weapon.

Also, of course, it will be equipped with a light output far superior to sports flashlights, and a system on and off to suit the tactical grips (in combination with a firearm or defense).

The bodies of the state, police, military, need a flashlight that is very manageable, so that can change with one hand without letting go of the handle of the torch at any time.There flashlights having the on-off button next to each other located in the cap.

It has to be a powerful flashlight to light well at night, and reach long distances, so we recommend flashlights throwers, which also allow you to focus the beam at a particular point, and even dazzle an attacker in a given time .

Fenix ​​TK45 Night Light, famous for its appearance in the movie Prometheus Ridley Scott, becomes the perfect flashlight for elite corps because of its small size and great power. Visit here for more information.