LED Lights

In the last issue, we introduce you to new trends in lighting and introduced several new lamps, some designed for battery operation and the other to power the dynamo. We are now getting a chance to test additional high-performance LED flashlight mounted, moreover, but very versatile.

Flashlight Hella HL 2000 Micro Tech LED because it can work both battery-powered and powered dynamo. When operating dynamo compares with the best lamps for this form of power – has a “steady light” so after stopping eg at a crossroads will remain lit for at least four minutes, it is also equipped with a photosensitive sensor that while on battery power flashlight automatically turns on and off depending on ambient light intensity.

When battery power can alternatively choose a lower light output, saving energy and thus a prolonged period of intensity. Another advantage is the possibility of using the batteries and charging them without having to remove them – just the lamp inserted into the charging cradle with the AC power source. To fully charge the lamp needs 4 hours to recharge to 80% is indicated by changing the color of the charging indicator from red to green. On a single charge lasted the test lamp illuminate with full power five hours, after which time the intensity gradually declined.

Distribution of the light field is excellent, with a sufficiently wide area of ​​greatest intensity, merging smoothly into supplemental lighting around the surrounding area before. Light field is surprisingly homogeneous, there are no noticeable unevenness common with many other lamps. this, of course not surprisingly, you torch comes from a renowned manufacturer of automotive headlights. Preferably lamp is a large area of ​​transparent plastic material, ensuring its visibility not only from the side, but also from the angle, which is important for passive safety.

For operation dynamo flashlight can be used with any of the three types of brackets – for suspension forks, V-brakes and cantilever brakes type. Of the lamp holder can be easily removed and not leave it to the mercy of thieves, or use it as a handheld flashlight. Alternatively, it is possible to provide the holder with a screw and alienation, at least make it difficult.

When used as a handheld flashlight fits perfectly into your hand and is conveniently positioned switch, handy thumb. For pure battery operation is of course a classic handlebar mount. This versatility makes it possible to take a bicycle ride where you commute to work or to “nipper” for a period of short days, the relevant holder and dynamo for sport bike then mount on the handlebars.