LED Projectors Vs LED Streetlights

Today, thanks to the constant evolution of LED technology , many cities are replacing their obsolete lighting systems ( HPS or metal halide lamps ) for lighting systems LED . In most cases, you are opting for the change to LED bulbs lamp or lamps LED but, in recent months, are already several facilities that have made ​​using so -called LED projectors .

As the LED lamps, these LED projectors fully replace the existing luminaries existing. Thanks to its factor IP-67 protection, there is no problem when installation use and outdoor use, running smoothly under adverse weather conditions and temperatures between -25 ° C and + 45 ° C. In addition, our LED projectors feature a unique, patented design, manufactured specifically for LED technology, which allows to offer a product of maximum efficiency, quality and warranty.

The population of Miraflores de la Sierra, located in the mountains of Madrid, has decided to replace its obsolete system of illumination based on HPS bulbs with ones with LED technology, provided by ACE® LED.

This change will provide a saving in electrical consumption exceeding 60%, to replace your current bulbs of 150W for a 36W / 45W LED, providing lighting that will generate more realistic colors thanks to high CRI of LED lighting.

For the month of December is planned until the change of lighting by municipal technicians, who chose our LED to Streetlight bulbs with reference BF36SKIGH and BF45SKIGH for its high efficiency, brightness and guarantee of their brand Samsung LED model SMD5630, in addition to the extensive experience of our company has in public lighting with LED technology.

We hope that this milestone as an example for other towns in the province of Madrid, so councils can reduce your high electric bills in a remarkable way.

Example of savings in street lighting

In the same square of the Town Hall of Miraflores of the Sierra, is is a streetlight with 5 luminaires in the part more high. Until now, this lamppost consumed a total of 850W with its 5 lighting bulbs HPS of 170W. Now, with the new lamp 36W LED bulbs, the total consumption is 180W, i.e. a saving in consumption of 770W.

Economically, the previous HPS lighting system generated an expense of €1.6 per night; now, with LED bulbs, this expenditure has been reduced to 0, 3W per night. Thus, the repayment term of these new LED bulbs is just over 1 year.