LG Are Reporting Record Profits

It is generally tough times for mobile manufacturers, there is no Apple or Samsung, but LG now makes it fine too.

In general it is hard times for some of the companies that produces smartphones. For the second quarter in a row, however, LG has created a surplus, and this time the Koreans can probably thank their flagship, LG G3, too.

In Q3 of this year, LG increased their smartphone sales with the whole 39 percent compared to the same period a year earlier, and 16 percent more than the quarter before. It has given the LG a surplus in this branch of their business on good 2.5 billion kroner.

LG writes in a press release, they can thank their G-series, which includes the flagship LG G3, but also L-series, which is to the more cost-conscious customers.

The last quarter was actually so good for the Koreans, it beat the best-ever quarter in the mobile section.It fell in 2009, and LG have told the Wall Street Journal that LG G3 is a big part of the puzzle. Abroad is LG G3 been taken so well against that LG has been able to sell itself to far more telephone companies.