LG G4 Receives Special Design And Improved Camera

High expectations of the LG G4: the successor of the LG G3 should Excel this not only in relation to the hardware – apparently the South Korean company wants to upgrade its new flagship model for the camera.

LG should have assured the local media in South Korea, the LG G4 in this area had been improved significantly, GforGames reported. Although the company gave no details about the new features; It would be possible, however, to the camera with the resolution by 20.7 MP is that has already unveiled the LG in October 2014. They should also have a correction angle of 0.7 – compared to the correct angle of 0.5 for the camera of LG G3 a significant improvement.

LG G4 Receives Special Design And Improved Camera

Source: http://www.findjobdescriptions.com/lg-g4-twice-as-large-camera-lens-like-the-lg-g3_30.html

Design Builds On The Success Of 2014

The design of the LG G4 should differ from the of its predecessor – LG never revealed precise information in this regard. It is however assumed that the changes will affect mainly the material of the housing. Possibly also the bezel of the display is thinner than on LG G3.

For LG was the year 2014 quite successful, as current figures show: so the company according to PhoneArena will have sold nearly 60 million smartphones. Especially in the United States, the sales figures by 78 percent rose in the last quarter. One reason for this might have been the LG G3, which enjoys an excellent reputation among Android smartphones. Seem reason enough to hone the success to beat – the Smartphone to current rumor probably in may on the improvements of the LG G4.