LG Takes a Break from Terminals Nexus

LG will not produce an upcoming Nexus terminals. This is not a rumor or speculation, but what emerged from the statements by a representative of the company, who interviewed by CNET colleagues during the Mobile World Congress, asserted that “LG needs to focus on its brands”.

The reference goes to the huge promotion campaign and resources expenses in research and development for the new LG G5 just presented. The Terminal, in fact, comes to the market offering a radical upheaval of what were the guidelines of LG, aesthetic and hardware, and this was only possible thanks to the maturing than acquired by LG in these years of working closely with Google.

LG is not at all unsatisfied by the partnership created with Big G that led to the creation of Nexus 4, 5 Nexus and Nexus 5 x, however recognises that working with Google has both positive and negative sides. As for the positives there is definitely the possibility of a top of the range based on the latest Android version before the other competitors. This, combined with the strong partnership with Google engineers, enables you to gain a familiarity and a much deeper than software knowledge you would get working sa alone.

On the other hand, regarding the negatives, making a Nexus device involves a great deal of energy and resources that could be invested internally to improve their product package; just what Life is Good is going to do over the next few months.