Lifestyles Summer Check Woven Tablecloth

Lace Knitting country seem incredibly difficult and painstaking trud. No this complex crochet tablecloths will not name. Look closely: it has only the most basic elements. A few nights for a relaxing knitting instead of watching TV and you can decorate the house an elegant and delicate fabric.

Delicate crochet tablecloths – circuit model in pineapple.
Cotton yarn allow subsequently starch cover it keeps the shape and big waves flowing from table. It looks great, but natural fibers have one significant drawback: stains from tea, coffee, fruit, would be very difficult to wash.

Cover rayon or synthetic yarn will fall more frequent folds, is silky to the touch, will have a gloss, which are devoid of natural yarns. yarn of viscose is not so much food place, it will retain the original look longer.

To tie a towel hook, you will need:

300 g fine yarn (in the magazine are invited to use yarn thickness of 800 m to 100); Thickness
hook 0.5 cm. (Depending on the density of knitting, you can choose a convenient hook according to this article).

Almost all crochet tablecloths scheme consists of simple stitches (in N) columns nakida (v. 1 p). Both columns nakida (v. 2 p). The authors of the magazine placed carefully on the pattern and number nakida of stitches in each element. The knit cloth in the range of 106 center. Total towels series.

Finished cloth will have a diameter of about 120-130 cm.
Start Knitting:
1. Start with tablecloth crochet 12.p, short circuit them in the ring.

2. Put bar inside the ring, repeat 9 or 10 time to move to the third row, perform and closes the circle of article 1 p.

3. Series performance 2 to up p.2 and article 1 p line in the 2nd row united. Then 7.p. 3 tablespoons spoons 1 p following line united. For to complete the series, do 2.n. and an element of link.

4. Series lifting inchap 2 and article 1 over the previous and article third row.

5. In this series, four in lifting p 2 and article 1 p. The number of previous column. Then 3 p column without nakida in cycle centuries p 4th row of pico 3.

6. Series lifting inchap 3 table spoons 1 p united, 15 p. In the latter element 12 and an element of link 1 p.

Next knit network with step 5 p, after a series of article 1 p, not forget to put columns to provide drawing. If happen to start, and then everything will prove. Plete crochet tablecloths scheme and have fun!