Lift up Your Wedding Shoes

Temperatures rise and the white dress comes down showing her shoulders; step by step the long dress reveals the fetish of every woman, the shoe.

For the summer, the sandal wins over cleavage and trendy peep toe, checking for convenience, those dictates of etiquette they see misplaced legs and bare feet in church.

White or cream makes little difference, classic colors are always the masters at the expense of more whimsical. Few plaudits for the precious shades of gold and silver, flunked the powder pink.
Always be in step with fashion, the readers of answered the poll “the shoe of your marriage”, drawing the perfect school shoes for You’.

The bride arrives at the altar on tiptoe, on the 10 heel 37%, no less than 5 another good 31%. Is no longer the sculptural heel or the vertiginous heel and platform combination to lose his head, bensà the brilliant lucchichio of rhinestones. The shoe-jewel routs the competition of charming ways and griffatissime Manolo Blahnik. Perhaps because special attention also goes to budget: only 4% would spend more than 300 ‘, between 100 and 200 is the fair shopping for half the voters.

Beautiful but also comfortable. And if at midnight you don’t possibly more, a debonair 53% if it takes off and continues dancing.