Lingerie – Fine Ladies Wear

Dessous is the epitome for fine (sexy) ladies underwear.Lingerie comes from the French. Lingerie, on the other hand, comes from the Swiss and expresses in principle the same (which was originally for the laundry room).

That is if it is written by lingerie, lingerie or fine ladies’ undergarments, that means all the same.
But what makes fine laundry? Well, as the name implies, lingerie made of fine materials such as silk, nylon, viscose, etc. are all but cotton. In addition, the different cuts, embellishments, etc. But as I said: first and foremost it is the fine and soft material.

Even though the microfibre has also recently entered the men’s underwear division, this is not part of lingerie.The term men’s lingerie therefore does not exist, because, strictly speaking, it means: fine men’s underwear.

Charming Look

I think there is probably no one to resist the visual appeal of fine ladies’ underwear on usvsukenglish. These partial sinfully expensive models are the ideal packaging for common hours. Who wants to see naked facts?

But it is not just the look, it is also a special feeling to be enveloped by noble laundry.

Especially Feeling

Many lingerie wearers will probably be able to confirm one or more of the following:

Lingerie has a special wearing feel

Pretty lingerie give that certain something

Lingerie strengthen self-confidence

Lingerie can be balm for the soul

I look better with lingerie

A colleague came once the meaningful statement that he can not understand why women put on such things, it does not look anyway. This is true, but the certain wearing feeling is not to be seen, but only to feel and that is what matters.

How Can You Spoil Laundry?

Fine, delicate wash on the skin, this is something special. With every movement, at every step you are gently stroked. In addition, good underwear will not push, which also leads to a positive feeling. In the ideal case, the laundry is only felt by the fact that it delicately spoils the skin. And who would not want to be spoiled all day?

Well-fitting underwear is also recognized by the fact that you can not feel it (except for the pampering effect). Only when she is gone is something missing. Even after a relatively short time the effect occurs that you never want to do without lingerie.

Do Lingerie Have To Be Expensive?

No, but it’s like a lot of other things – somewhere you can see and feel the difference. From two meters away you will not notice the difference, but attracted or even just between the fingers you quickly notice the higher price. Of course it is also a philosophical question, whether it must be a model of Chantelle or Chanel (or other comparable brands). Here are probably only nuances and the label as a difference. The difference to C & A (as an example), however, will be more than clearly felt. This is similar to fine pantyhose also: for higher quality one must also also pay more. If the laundry is only worn for a short time, so not all day, then also cheap lingerie certainly do as good services.

However, there are good reasons why high-quality lingerie may be more expensive. Especially when it comes to the look of the laundry and the wearer, if she wants to be pampered, for example, the romantic clothes are used (eg to the wedding).

However, not only for the wedding, but also for every day, it can be sensible and enjoyable to pamper yourself with luxurious lingerie.

Lingerie Also For Big Sizes?

Of course, there are also pretty lingerie for larger sizes. Every woman who pays particular attention to her underwear can at least occasionally pamper herself with pretty lingerie. This of course also applies to sizes beyond the 46. It does not have to be just the 38.

In many cases even women with size 42-44 complain about their curves. Why? Especially this range between 40 and 44 is ideal for pretty lingerie. There the baskets in size B are at least also filled and otherwise the proportions are pretty to look at. Personally, I like these dimensions better than a 36-38, in which an A is even upholstered.

What Is All About Lingerie?

The question can most easily be answered in reverse. Cotton linen certainly does not count. Fine lingerie made of silk, viscose, polyamide and polyester belongs to the lingerie. Here, again, a distinction can be made between (optically) stimulating laundry and practical or sporting laundry.

The classic area, however, is clearly fine linen with lace, tulle, embroidery and everything else to decorate and embellish.

A large area is also covered by simple, practical models without embellishments. This laundry is perfectly everyday, convenient and inexpensive. The perfect base, for a pleasant and well-groomed outfit…

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