Lingerie for Wedding Night and Honeymoon

How to Choose Lingerie for the Wedding Day
Dress, flowers, music, decoration, cake … and the list could one easily another couple of kilometers with all the worries that a bride has before marrying. You want everything to be perfect-not least since we talked of the day!

And we’re close to the date, final event of your gown deuso and … you just remember one important detail. What to wear under those wonderful layers of white fabric? Of course everything depends only on the dress that you will use. If we’re talking about a structured bodice you’ve ruled out the concern of the bra. The panties, Oh, any one that is comfortable and you don’t intrude on your fun on the big day, right?

But the big moment and post party? The wedding night deserves your special lingerie as well as the honeymoon. To help you before you freak out with one more thing to solve, here are some tips to make everything ready for H-hour.

On the following pages you can see tips to rock on lingerie on your wedding night and honeymoon.