Lingerie: Keep Your Beautiful Parts for Longer

Lingerie makes all the difference in the fit of the clothes, but it’s not always easy to make that bra or panties you love keep nice and efficient for long. The good news is that you can extend the life of your favorite pieces with simple care, cleaning and storage that will ensure that your money much more income.


Padded bra

The most important thing to keep your bra with adjustable straps is not deforming the frame and foam, which calls for attention to the way you store. It cannot be folded and not have your busy structure. Keep it open and closed back, fitting one over the other in a drawer or in a box. Otherwise, if this space fold in half and fit a bulge in another.

Wash must also be a delicate task for the structure remains firm. When you wash your hand can’t always keep the format or clean right to play, so a lot of people prefer the machine. There are “spheres” to place the BRA before putting on the machine that are good options in this case, because they help in washing of clothes and not yet deform the bulge.

Even with all the care, the Bras will always stretch at some point, so the trick is to prepare for that since the purchase. All elastic material has a fiber that lasts less than a plan, especially the spandex, which is very fragile. You should buy if the BRA abotar properly in the last couple of clips (looking from the inside out according to, because then there are two more settings to use. Many people do not know, but they were thought to serve as the play will extend.

Lace bra

Lace Bras do not lose their shape, but as disorders balls or tears are very common. The best way to avoid it is to keep bags disrupts or TNT, or put on hives (dividers for drawers in fabric or wood) so they don’t have friction.


Panties well organized last longer and still help to make your day more practical, so no play them anyway in the drawer. The best is to get an envelope, leaving the two sides in and then the back of the panties. There is only putting them one after another for you to find easily without taking up so much space in the drawer. You can also put in order of color and fabric, which makes it even easier.

It is also important to avoid washing the inside of the shower, since high temperatures can damage the fabric. When they are of income can have the same care when washing BRA, placing in bags for the machine. Do not wash with hot water, because the elastic fiber is not very resistant to high temperatures and reduces the service life.


Corsets are among the items that more deform and require care both in the washing and storage. They can be placed in boxes or bags to protect the fabric, usually thin, and always without bending so that the framework does not damage. The boxes should have some kind of ventilation hole so they don’t get strong smell from storage.

The washing machine is recommended in this case, since it can generate friction and deform even using the protection of packets.Hand washing is the best option, because you don’t have to wash this item type so often and he doesn’t have a lot of accumulated dirt.

Silk stockings

Silk stockings, whether whole or 3/4, are very delicate and can unravel even if you’re not handling. So it’s worth making a quick wash only in part of the feet, which will help you to avoid scratching. If it is put in the machine can use the bag.

To store, the tip of the fashion consultant is to separate an exclusive space for socks in General, avoiding those clothes with details that can pull the wires. Keep and put all poke over together in a drawer so they don’t fray. If you don’t want to miss the entire drawer, use a box.

Other care

Mount a washing strategy can also help you much in conservation of delicate items, and add an extra dose of practicality. Have one day a week to wash just the delicate items, such as lingerie and Levinas summer clothes. That way you can use a lighter SOAP and put a more delicate wash cycle.

Another valuable help to keep the labels with washing instructions, which always give you the correct way to take care of each item. A lot of people RIP without even looking, but it’s worth staying attentive to what the manufacturer asks you to do. We pay so expensive in some parts and could be very simple to make last. If you don’t wash, remind the person to look at too.