Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

There, the nice people of Logitech have made you a temporary Christmas gift. a Logitech UE boombox 5 times, smart radio and a mobile boombox 10 times.

Begin the handbag for men with the boombox.

The surface as a whole, the handle is made in particular of aluminum with high quality and looks still extremely good. With six hours of battery life and a maximum volume of rich 102dB you can sound quite what so. For example an entire professional market

You will be impressed as fast and unproblematic works out the connection with the smartphones. Switched on, wait two seconds and  the fun can go away. However, you will notice slight noise, which even by quiet songs but completely disappear with the play in the mode, which is switched on without music. Otherwise it would have bothered you as well. So don’t scare, if you turn on the box for the first time.

Second in the bunch is the little sister of the boom box, the “mobile boom box”. Logitech specifies the volume with 78dB for the little thing. Judged by the size, meet the small needs but not to hide. Quite the contrary! The sounds get fed up and the bass makes vibrate also my table.

To the smart radio, the third unit in the league, there is unfortunately no information about the sound. Why?

It’s simple: you will give away all 15 devices and because the smart radio secured the battery with a small flag.

There are the boxes in these specialist markets as a Christmas gift to buy!