Lomography: Instant Camera as A Kickstarter Project

As in the good old days: with the Lomo’instant want to revive the company lomography time of Polaroid cameras. On Kickstarter, she currently seeking financial support for the development – the goal of $100,000 has already cracked the project.

Lomography login back again with a new project, the Lomo’instant. The analog camera is aimed at “Lomografen”, fans of snapshot photography. The term lomography derives this camera “LOMO compact Automat” of Saint of Petersburg manufacturer LOMO of the cult, which has a large community due to its idiosyncratic image quality. The Lomo’instant should use for the recordings of Fujifilm Instax mini film, which are snapshots right print. You can choose from three different lenses for portraits, wide angle and FishEye perspective. The aperture is to create more than all other Sofortbildkameras from f/8 to f / 32 rich – according to the developer.

Angepeilter Launch in November

The shutter speed is however fixed and is located at 1/125 seconds, exposed either but indefinitely, so that there are also night shots in the absorption spectrum. Because the funding goal of $ 100,000 has already been exceeded, nothing in the way should be in November 2014 the targeted launch. The cost for a copy should be between 88 and 110 euro. Experience with the development of hardware has the team, has released 35 mm film scanner for smartphones but it is already a vintage lens and one. Retro friends must be so excited.