Long Chubby Skirt: Tips for Using

Fashion is always in constant change and due to this, with each new day, new trends appear. Currently, long skirts are high and bring several color options and prints for women, including those that are slightly overweight. Learn below some tips on how to wear the long skirt for chubby.

Tips On How To Wear Long Skirt

The long skirt is a key piece, being essential that every woman has one in her wardrobe. Due to its high tendency, it is possible to find several models and prints of this clothing “chameleon”. That’s because the long skirt can be worn at any time and per woman with any silhouette, including the chubby ones. So we’ve separated sometips on how chubby should wear long skirt.

Straight long skirt – the woman should avoid using the model that tightens the hips, avoiding that it is marked. This prevents the look from being harmonious by increasing the hip region, relative to the other parts of the body.

Long skirt with waistband above the navel – the chubby woman can choose to wear long skirts above the navel to lengthen the silhouette. If the piece is too low or too high above the waist, it may give the impression of splitting the body in half, making it flatter.

Long skirt of black color – this piece is sure as it matches any other piece of closet. Depending on the combination, the straight long skirt can mount a more serious look or more, stripped down. In addition, the dark color gives the impression of weight reduction.

Pleated long skirt from naturegnosis.com– this type of model gives the impression that the person has gained weight. Therefore, it should be avoided by chubby women.

Long skirt with volume – this model is a great choice for chubby women who have the shape of the body “inverted triangle” (shoulders broader than the hips). This is because the volume skirt ends up drawing attention to the lower part of the body, balancing the proportions.

Smooth long skirt – these pieces are best suited for chubby women, as well as being easier to wear and match. Firstly, they will not mark any part of the body and second, because they avoid excessive information, avoiding the loaded look.

The long skirts are high and can be used at any time and by any type of woman. After knowing some tips on how to wear long skirt for the chubby. Just follow them and sweep the look!