Looks for Women with Thick Thighs

Despite the overwhelming majority of women prefer a body more thin and dry, these days, have thick thighs should not be synonymous with disgrace to anyone.

Unfortunately, the world of fashion does not recognize the beauty of the women more plump and so continues to make clothes so small, but so small that even Barbie could use.

If you have thick thighs, your beauty can and should be highlighted. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. So, we created a list with some tips you can follow to stay even more beautiful-just the way you are.

Essential pieces of clothing for women with thick thighs

  1. Pants and High-waisted Shorts

Women with thick thighs are beautiful. A nice pair of pants or shorts to waist high can actually accentuate your beauty. Can take time to find a pair that fits your larger proportions, but the effort will be offset when you come across that piece fits into your body like a glove.

If you are having a lot of trouble finding the perfect match, you can choose to order. Tailor-made clothes are great because they are made for you and only for you, so you’re always going to have a perfect fit.

  1. The Beauty of the Dress Envelope (Wrap Dress)

Let’s thank effusively at Diane von Furstenberg, creator of dressed envelope!

Probably many women have seen their mothers using this model in a dress, since it was created in the years 70. However, this iconic dress is used until today because of its versatility and beauty.

The envelope dress helps transform the body of women who has thick thighs. It creates a silhouette that flows naturally and is sensitive and delicate. Suits virtually all types of bodies, but especially those too at the bottom, since it creates a waist line that helps keep the look more uniform and sexy.

  1. Dresses and Skirts with Trapezoid Cutting

One of the most beloved styles of all time for women of all ages and preferences: the trapeze cut. It is ideal to have a few of these models in your closet, since the style is perfect for women who want to look stylish and charming.

The fantasies of many women are eternalized in the trapezoid cutting. Famous as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe bet – and – in this style.

The trapeze dress with a thin waist and opens up more on the underside, valuing the silhouette of women who has thick thighs, since the focus is now in the middle of the trunk. With emphasis on the waist, all the other parts of your body will look even more perfect proportionally.

  1. Run the Clothes without Clipping

If you are a woman with hips or thighs thick and has some clothes with straight cut too much, make a donation!

Yes, we’ve seen dresses and blouses with straight cut stay great on the runway and red carpet, but they only work if you are extremely thin or are pregnant. Otherwise you will look like a box.

If you have curves, cherish her! The idea is to get away from clothes that make you look like a plank. Abandon that infamous pair of pants that you borrow or brother or boyfriend.

Don’t do this to yourself. Thick thighs should be valued and displayed with pride: don’t hide them in a box. A woman with curves using an envelope dress will always be prettier than if you were in a box.

Always ask yourself: are you wearing the clothes or the clothes are using you?

  1. Bet on skirts 4 or 5 Fingers above the Knee

This tip works best with more voluminous skirts. The pencil skirts and skirts more fair, however, can be a little shorter.

A good tip for those who prefer to hide the volume of thick thighs is to make the skirts generously cover the thickest part of the thigh.

  1. Dark Denim

If you are one of those who sometimes prefers to be a little more discreet and not draw attention wherever he goes, might prefer to disguise their thick thighs. To do this, a good tip is to use dark wash jeans. They lengthen your legs and take the focus of looking at his face.