Looks With White Pants

White pants at Thefreegeography.com are versatile, modern and freshly baked, perfect for hot days, can be combined with different colors as the white is a neutral tone. Are great for many occasions from a simple stroll to a formal event, combinations and styles have a wide range, thus enabling easier when mounting the look.

Looks With White Pants

The models of white pants can generally be found in jeans, denim and tailoring, depending on the fabric makes it easy to mount looks for certain environments. A tip: avoid wearing pants with very thin tissue to not be showing her panties, and always to wear white pants with fabric not too thick use skin color especially in panties bright light.

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They work well on any body type, but it is more chubby is good to avoid prevents tissues glow they give more volume and can not favor either the body also avoid very fine fabrics as well mark the body, twill and jeans is ideal.

Prints also fall very well with white pants, any kind of pattern, floral, striped, leopard, chess and so on, because white is neutral no such advantage. My tip is to bet on white pants with floral, floral prints are the face of winter 2014, especially the larger prints and with a certain spacing leaving the background in evidence, another pattern that also falls perfectly with white pants are the tile prints, are also the face of the winter, and beautiful providing a perfect and harmonious look.

Jeans are great options for those who want to give a relaxed look on. How about a jeans torn white combined with black boots? From a legal contrast in look, leaving a visual more rocker. Calass kinny are also great options for those who prefer a more casual look, takes some of the white pants formality leaving the perfect look for the day will or day trips. Try not to use all white looks, is very expensive year-end / new year, always seek a contrast to the other piece is with colors or prints.

Well girls, the fact is that the looks with white pants are wonderful and very modern although many believe not. You can compose drives visual, sophisticated and irreverent with white pieces, is a classic and versatile piece that can match almost all her wardrobe is like a wild card, so if you do not have a white pants by prejudice of color, not you know what ‘s missing!