Loose Figure Pieces with the Phone’s Camera and PhotoMath (Video)

With the PhotoMath application, you can get help to solve math tasks just by pointing your phone at them.

In the course of the last decades have lommeregnerne evolved tremendously, I had the pleasure of a TI-83 which could be programmed to remember all the formulas I not even could. In my time there have always been technology available when mathematics teased, but nevertheless have school kids today never had it easier when x is to be found-see on PhotoMath, an application that not only solves math problems, but also can guide you through how it was resolved.

PhotoMath uses the camera in the phone, hold just a maths problem inside the viewfinder, then delivers the application a solution that should not even pressed a button or put a picture. 

Like any maths teacher tells, the solution is only half of the problem, but PhotoMath can even provide a step-by-step guide to how it found the answer, a fact that makes that PhotoMath is more than a quick cheat-tool, but that it can be used as a tool. The previous calculations will be additionally saved so you can later go back and check something.

The application is available at the time of writing to the Windows Phone and iOS. Android comes on the bandwagon early in the beginning of next year.