Make a Christmas Tablecloth

I would say runner, if not the word itself made ​​me burst out laughing – inexplicably, but fact. For several years now I’m looking ready version of that miracle; but what is available in stores is so colorful that somehow fail to swallow, although Christmas involves plenty of kitsch and colorful, but still … So this year I decided to call the affliction and to act alone on this).
First I thought that I had a white cloth that I can use as a basis.

So not thinking long before you cut it and cutting.

A few days ago, quite by chance and quite unexpected place like grocery store. I splashed a set of three kinds of Christmas ribbons with the most sympathetic of which made one edge on both sides.

Well, in this form it was not especially Christmas, so for decoration bet his new love called felt, and what better Christmas than one deer, anything that maybe more like Cow / is not my first.

I have them sewn by hand can be most easily removed after the holiday in order tablecloth … Hmmm, to be used thereafter.

I liked the result, but not on the table, which was actually designed … there seemed somehow out of place, however you to another place just to sleep, as they say, but for now I can last, and you alone you will see in one of my next posts.
and to you my favorite basket is in line with the tablecloth, literally five minutes Howard rigged and its accoutrements, which is similar but without deer detachment, cow because I think that It would become a bit more crowded than I can bear.