Make up Tutorial: Makeup Style Avatar

After the huge success of Avatar, the now famous James Cameron movie cha had sold out in most of the world, it is easy to imagine how the trick of Avatar has already become a must for Carnival.

It seems that to be fashionable in Carnival fancy dress parties the only solution is to dress up like the inhabitants of Pandora! For the few who have not yet seen the movie it is hybrid creatures, some animals, some elves, some aliens, which certainly won’t go unnoticed because of strong colors and shimmering that distinguish them both face and body.

For a Carnival mask Avatar style that matters, even more so, is the Carnival make-up for the facethat must be extreme to say the least. Of course the trick style Avatar is not easy to realize (and even less easy will take it off at the end of the party!) but it’s at least worth a try. For a perfect make up style Avatar follow the advice from health-beauty-guides!

  1. Get yourself adifferent blue hues and Blue Eye shadow and spread it all over your face with a soft bristle brush, starting with the Eye makeup and away toward end of the face. You can also use special colors for face painting. I recommend: you don’t have to look like the Smurfs! The main color used must be a dark blue, to blend with other shades of eye shadow.
  2. With a black eye shadow createshadows on the sides of the nose, eyebrows and cheeks. Remember to blend the trick even on the neck.
  3. With a very softPencil paint the tip of your nose, rigged her lips and draw geometric designs on their foreheads.
  4. For eye makeup you have to try to stretch the shape of gaze emphasizing acat make up: use the eyeliner on both the upper and lower eyelid. If you want you can also wear fake eyelashes to give more depth to your look.
  5. Dotted the face of tiny speckles: used both the eye pencil thatglitter left over from new year’s Eve makeup: clubbing perishing you will shine like a true ships!
  6. Finally, for sewersmanicure, know that the fashion he wants your nails are Avatar style: metallic glaze and glitter and decorations. Green light then the nail art to decorate your nails to Carnival… and more!