Makeup and Hairstyle for Brides

If the makeup that we use to go to a party is the reason of indecision, our marriage imagines the Anxiety in. While it generates a lot of doubts in their choice, there are some basic tips and tricks to make that the big day is more perfect as we want to.


Is wrong to think that the makeup begins just a few hours before the ceremony. Skin more healthy and well treated when the great day comes it will be easier to apply makeup. Therefore, Sun protection for 24 hours, good moisturizers, a healthy diet and drinking lots of water are factors that help maintain well-kept skin. In addition, a consultation with a dermatologist weeks before helps keep a routine skin care until the arrival of the big day.

What should you keep in mind?

The personality of the bride: firstly, it is important to talk much with makeup, showing some references and ideas that had been thought for makeup.

It is your duty to guide what fits better, but everything is designed as a whole to maintain the personality of the bride.

Hair and accessories: Makeup not must be taken exclusively to game with dress, but some data like the hairstyle and accessories worn by the bride are important to their style and variety of colors.

Details of the ceremony: The makeup artist needs to know the information of the ceremony as the period in which will produce – morning, afternoon or evening, and the place: Church, country, beach, etc. In addition, other details such as decoration and costumes for guests are also important.

The choice of color and finish

A colorful makeover end up attracting to itself too. This, however, does not mean it can not be innovating. If the bride has a bolder, more modern profile, why do dark makeup.

For the most classic lighter shades, such as bare and Brown are accurate and easier to create harmony, but it is also important to remember that the most natural makeup is not synonymous with a bit of makeup. The skin should always be very well prepared and fresh and even the makeup is light, all the finish should be accurate. Foundation and powder should be applied not only in the face of the region, but also around the neck and chest, the balance of the skin tone and prevent the apparent two-tone wedding images.

Bridal makeup tutorial

The first step is a good preparation of the skin, always using products that last through the night and are specific to the type of skin of the bride.

Eyes naked smoky tone with brown or black depending on the taste of the bride can be used. Some opt for matte (no shine) makeup, while others not dispensing good enlightening shading to give a touch of light in his eyes.

Flushing should always be made use of the harmony of color than the rest of the makeup and whenever a healthy air passes.

For the lips, lipstick is almost always the most common, but most modern brides choose red.

Finally products must always be waterproof, it is a day in which women tend to cry. On the other hand, a good spray should be used to establish the form of make-up that lasts all night.