Makeup for Eyes Tips

Eyes makeup offers endless possibilities for getting new look. Whether minimal or pompous, unleash your creativity and experiment with eye makeup in a wide variety of tones. Eye makeup can depend on the occasion and can be completely redefined: the subtle eye makeup for the day with nude shades accents your natural advantages and perfects your eye area. With a classic eye makeup, you make a serious impression in everyday business and for the evening, it may be dramatic, bright and dark colors look tempting. With false eyelashes, eyes seem even more intensively and catch every glance.

Makeup for Eyes Tips


Professionally apply eye makeup

For longer shelf life and a somewhat stronger color effect you can apply an eyeshadow base makeup. This ensures that your eye makeup withstand stresses such as a long day in the office or a night of dancing. You can best emphasize your eyes with eyeliner and mascara and ensure an irresistible look. With eye shadow in different colors and shades, with or without glitter set highlights and color accents.


Buy eye makeup mascara and eye shadow

Eyebrows form an important framework for the eye makeup and therefore also deserve attention. If you stroke your brows with a pen or matching powder, complete your styling and can your eye makeup-on demand-a very natural look or give a distinctive finish. Give your eyes a rest after the show. Prepares gentle remover specially for the sensitive skin around the eyes for the subsequent care, so your eye area the next morning looks fresh again and is ready for the next look. Read more.