Manaslu: Comet

4 seasons
Capacity: 1 person
Length: 2, 20 m
Width: 1, 00 m
Max height: 0, 84
Ports: 1
Arches: 2
Advance: 0.80 m
Advance am. 0.78 m
Weight: 2.34 Kg
-Frame in tubes of Duralumin (dural) with 10 mm diameter and internal fittings. The rods are joined by chubby LaTeX elastic with es-section thickness of 3 mm, avoiding losses and doubts at the time of Assembly.
-Aluminium Espeques with 20 cm long, corner type, with bowed head.
-Totally made in 100% polyamide fabric with double resin more silicone. The walls of the tent are in lighter fabric and high tenacity fabric floor and thick YKK zipper.
-Access ports fitted with nylon zipper with two double handles and door mosquito net screen indepen-Dent, blocked loop. All ventilation screens, inter-nos pockets and shelves are made in the same material, fully mosquito proofed tiny, excellent ventilation and translucent.
-Rings sewn on the supe-edge for poles, attach shelf or hang small lan-tender and milder utensils … … … These rings attached to rings sewn along the floor of the tent, constitute an exclusive system-internal courage (see our mode them GEODESIC line).
-The bystanders of the frames are one-piece, in nylon, to obtain maximum distribution of the effort of the frame under the stress of worse weather.
-All seams are reinforced with polyester grosgrain..
-system of frames with tension adjustments, which can be used for stretching or loosen the fabric, adjusting the set firmly and always stretched.
-The entire perimeter of the floor of the tent remains high from the ground, allowing allowing water to run freely without soaking in co-muns points. Touches the ground floor where there’s weight, the rest remains free.
-Four seasons models top ventilation is fixed, and insulated models or high mountain ventilation can be re-gulada through internal Windows with zipper.
-The doors, properly wrapped, are tied by means of button-stick, which makes handling your even with gloves.
-Totally made in 100% nylon polyamide fabric, double resin and silicone. The entire perimeter of the sobreteto bar is reinforced with grosgrain. 100% polyester with 20 mm wide. Thick YKK zipper.
-Access doors with zipper with two handles at the top and two inverted knobs at the bottom, allowing access and venti-legislation quickly and efficiently.
-Ventilation Hoods on the doors, designed to capture constant fresh air.
-Double folded Seams.
-The sobreteto will stuck directly to the base of the arches of the frame, making the set 100% self-sustainable, which facilitates the exchange of place without having to dismantle part or all of the tent. This system allows greater firmness for the entire set, handing out best effort.
-Fasteners positioned at the points of intersection of the arches and tied on the inside, so that the whole effort is in frames, and not just the fabric loose. In the isothermal or high mountain models adopt the triple anchors system, that is, each additional anchor is attached to three points tied up internally to frame and arranged in order to distribute the stress and balance the set … … …. Anchor Cordeletes addi-tar included.
-Zipper foot always lape protected them fixed with internal velcro.
-Adjustable voltage adjustment straps, keeping the fabric always stretched and without days off, dire ctly to the basic prey-of frames.
-The doors, properly wrapped, are tied by means of button, your stick handling even with gloves.