Mandala For Wall Clock

Within multiple Oriental relaxation techniques, is the painting to send them, which are published in books like the of the coloring books for children, where the send it only drawn with lines and the rest blank ready for coloring.

This relaxation technique does not require any discipline Express, as it can be elsewhere, since who is doing color according to their aesthetic and imaginative tastes. Be carried out by people of any age, being also an activity that strengthens creativity
Here I leave you the video of how you do, click on the play or here to watch it

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To make this craft you need to:



-Tail of Carpenter or hot silicone

-Pencil or mechanical pencil


-White cardboard

-Watery acrylic paints or watercolors

-Black marker of the thickness you prefer

-Watch machinery

-Cutter or cutter

-Masking or painter’s tape

To do so only you have to cut two circles of cardboard and paste them together with Carpenter or hot silicone glue.

Conceals the edge with masking tape, if you have any questions on how to do so you can see the video by clicking here.

Draws with compass a circle the diameter that you prefer to have your watch.

Trim and draws with compass circles concentric, these they will guide you to your mandala.

With the pencil draws the outline of the mandala, it does not need to be detailed, just the way base because then you are going to delete it all.

With watercolors or gouache paint colors across the face of the watch and when dry begins to draw the final mandala with marker pen.

You just need to position machinery and hang it to enjoy its soothing image. I can not see it since I have it.

I hope that you liked so much like me and that you share with your loved ones this tutorial.

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