Martha Medeiros Fashion Designer

Who saw the little girl of just over eight years selling to your neighbors and friends of Alagoas the doll clothes that she herself invented and sewed there, in the garage of the House, don’t imagine that, a few decades later, the joke would become serious work-and would turn Martha Medeiros in one of the most prestigious party fashion designers of Brazil. It was with the maternal grandmother, Mrs. Zezé, little learned the first movements in the art of needle and thread. For the matriarch, “Doll clothes had to be like clothes”; so while learning the bê-á-bá, Martha also adjust with terms such as Pocket knife, sheath and buttonhole. It wasn’t long before that came the crack: was the world of the dresses that she wanted to go down when I grew up. But, the first time they commented with the grandmother who wanted to study tissues and moulages in Europe, came to the Council that would determine the future of your brand:

-Look at the cliffs. This is fashion. See the mixture of colors of the cliffs, ranging from Brown to terracotta, passing through Orange tones. The inspiration is there.


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Maybe the idea of valuing what is close to explain the allure of Martha by the brazilian Renaissance income, which turned out to be the hallmark of his pieces, sold at prices which hit the home of five digits. At least once a month, the designer comes out of your comfortable apartment in the neighborhood of Jardins, in São Paulo, and part towards the home State, where are most of the 400 women in the hinterland of the Northeast that offer raw material manually for each of the dresses. The process is driven from scratch, always under the watchful eye of the designer. She takes the material and the design of income, which is readily copied by the trained hands of lacemakers. That’s where he gets unique pieces, full of style and who value the local culture while earning ares sophisticated – and in no way resemble what you see at crafts fairs throughout Brazil.

-To be featured, the stylist needs to take care of his DNA. You have to look at the clothes and know who did. The stylist needs to be extremely faithful to your style. I’m a big believer in valuing what is ours, even with all the difficulties. We don’t have tools of quality, but our style has to have something to do with the Brazil-defends, in a chat with Donna during the event Married Porto Alegre, in August, in which he participated as a guest lecturer.

Before that, the course was long until she was sure that their creations mood. At the age of 15 years, got a permission to sell your clothes and rag dolls in a fair in Pajuçara, one of the most famous neighborhoods of Maceió. But the venture did not last long. He studied law and Economics and spent in a competition to work in a Bank – and was in the bathroom of the agency that Martha revived the desire to work in fashion. At lunchtime, met there even the colleagues to sell the clothes. When customers began to increase, left the job and set up a shop in a gallery. Shortly thereafter, the need for more space emerged again – that’s when Martha inaugurated the multibrand Maison M, with more than 8000 pieces of Brazilian and international designers. Talking with the clients, who always demanded something different, came back to draw.

On a trip to San Sebastian, small town in the interior of Alagoas that focuses the work of rendeiras, came the idea: why not dedicate himself to that raw material? In 2004, the designer signed the first piece of the brand that bears your name. That same year, some of the then recent creations were exhibited in prestigious Selfridges in London, and the following year the first items have been exported to United States, England and the Middle East.

Martha soon migrated to São Paulo, where he meet customers by appointment, for in 2009 to open the first store in your city in the Jardins district.

Who wears Martha

It was a matter of time before it fell into the graces of a few of the celebrities most tupiniquins commented. Hebe Camargo, for example, was a card-carrying fan. Claudia Leitte, Isis Valverde, Juliana Paes, Vera Viel, Flávia Alessandra and Sabrina Sato are just a few who do not think twice before choosing a dress at one of its stores in São Paulo. The actress Mariana Rios wore a unique creation of the designer in Cannes Film Festival in France.

During one of his final passages by ethnicityology, the singer Beyoncé appeared in your Instagram wearing a long skirt in lace created by Martha in several pictures, clicked in Trancoso – then, the scenes were included in the music video of Blue, one of the tracks from the latest album of American pop diva. The play, in fact, would have been present of Ivete Sangalo in an encounter of the singers during the stay of Queen B here. Regular client, Ivete chose Martha to create the costume of one of the most important moments of your career: the presentation at the closing of the World Cup in Brazil, last year. Made with more than 20000 crystals, the long green had the embroidered lace by 22 women during 10 months and featured the work of other 13 to be assembled in 15 days.

-I was in Las Vegas when Ivete called me to make the dress. She always uses pieces of [brand] Martha Medeiros, but never for such a special occasion. Don’t think twice: I got on a plane and I left – recalls the designer.

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Dressed to get married

But it was making dresses for the big day in the life of many women that Martha found your passion.

The first bride, incidentally, came almost by chance: a little over a decade, the daughter of a dear client, Vanya, was married. Mother and bride were twice from Maceió to Sao Paulo find the dress, and the young man didn’t like anything that was in the maisons.

– When Vânia called me and asked: “you need to dress her!”. I remember you said “But I’ve never done wedding dress”, and Vanya replied, “everything has your first time”.

Martha hit the nail on the head in the dream dress of bride, and from there to here, is the thread that concentrates the efforts of your work. Was so successful that, in May this year, the designer has increased your empire – which already had two stores in São Paulo and one in Maceió, in addition to the points of sale around the world – with a flagship dedicated to who is getting married. The mix of products has everything to mount the complete outfit and even hire the services to the party. Is the address where Martha also meets the brides to think the bespoke creations. Only in the last semester, the brand put on 116 women to veil and wreath-including the actress Fernanda Souza, who traded alliances with the singer Ron.

– We are old friends and remember that for more than ten years, spoke to Umar I still wear. She always told me “give it up, I’ll never get married”. But two years ago called to tell me that Thiago had asked her to marry me and wanted me to do the dress-account.

A year and four fittings later model with cleavage canoe was unveiled during the ceremony of marriage the couple in February. The play was made entirely of French lace seamed manually with minipérolas. To follow a pure silk tulle veil, coming directly from Paris. As with any one of your customers-little brides dress, Did was thought of every detail to be exactly like the actress saw himself on the big day.

– When working with brides, working with dreams. If you’ve always dreamed of getting married made snow white, I’m not going to convince you to wear a mermaid tube. My job is to put beauty and proportions in this dream – explains.

In addition to the celebrity sites and most luxurious parties throughout Brazil, Martha’s work is already export type: since 2010, is the only brazilian to exhibit in the museum dedicated to income in France, in France, alongside creations by designers of the caliber of Chanel and Valentino. More? Next year, the brand catwalk debut Martha Medeiros fashion week of Haute Couture in Paris.

-And I’m still getting, there’s a lot to be done. I always say that I don’t know where I’m going to be, but I don’t forget my origins. I thank you God because people pay me to do what I love most in life, which is to create clothes. I work with twinkle in his eye – summarizes the Alagoas.