Maternity Clothes: Basic 7 in Pregnant Clothes

Maternity clothes have to be always fashion that promotes the new contours of the body of the pregnant woman, a prenatal urban fashion and comfortable, that adapts to the new body physiognomy of the MOM. The fashion blog I teach 7 essential items in the pregnant clothes.

There comes a time, between the third and fourth month of pregnancy approximately (though obviously in every female varies) that the usual clothing starts to tighten and it is necessary to resort to the maternity clothes as described in future mum dressing: dresses, pants, blouses, pyjamas, lingerie,… everything has to adapt to the changes then current and future resulting from pregnancy.

Bearing in mind that the clothes maternity, by definition, is intended to be used for a few months, it is not necessary to renew the closet full or not spend fortunes. It is buy cheap maternity clothes (and cheap I mean affordable) and quality that is easily combinable among themselves and who can both stand to go to buy at the supermarket as a night out to dinner just modifying plug-ins and accessories.

Basic 7 on maternity clothes

  1. jeans maternity
    In all closet where maternity clothes, should not miss several jeans or jeans maternity. Basically differ from a pants normal jeans in that possess a very enveloping broadband and that have adjustable waist inside made up of elastic and buttons to be able to adapt them to the pregnant woman.
    As maternity jeans have a distinct pattern, the same happens with any kind of prenatal pants whether corduroy, fabric or cloth.

2 t-shirts
It is always very well have several t-shirts during pregnancy. This prenatal garment fits as pregnancy is evolving and also, when it comes from a basic, served for any occasion based on add-ins that are carried with it.
If, without being pregnant we have several shirts to wear with jeans or skirts, during pregnancy, equal. I recommend neutral and discrete colors as they will always be easier to combine.

  1. Basic dresses
    A dress basic comfortable and loose that, like t-shirts, can be worn on any occasion. A black dress maternity is ideal for any event where he has to go a little more fixed.
    If we are in winter and have to go more formal, a dress with a few shoes, will be the perfect combination. We must look for dresses that combine with boots, are equally well.
    If we are in the summer, we also find dresses that we can use both with high-heeled sandals and flat sandals.

4 nightdresses and pyjamas
A pregnant woman should be comfortable, especially at home. Buy Nightgowns and Pajamas maternity comfortable and quality is always a safe investment. Currently, we can find in the market maternity clothes to sleep which not only adapts to all phases of pregnancy but to subsequent breastfeeding with top opening t-shirts that make it easier to be able to breastfeed.

5 blouses and shirts
In any closet, a white blouse is a basic, in the wardrobe of a pregnant, exactly the same. We had to choose comfortable models, but beautiful and elegant.

6 cardigans
A Cardigan becomes an essential garment both if it is winter as summer. The more neutral is color, more use we can give it.

7 skirts maternity
Prenatal skirts, as well as jeans, have a broadband which makes them garments very comfortable to wear, as they have adjustable waistbands, are valid for all months of gestation.
A pair of woven denim skirts can be a great investment because we can give them much use in our day to day.

Tips when buying maternity clothes
Currently, you can buy in a myriad of shops maternity clothes online and physical Kiabi, H & M, C & A,… but in this post, most of the garments that you teach are French clothing firm for children and maternity Vertbaudet.

In addition, I remind you that you have to buy the same size as before pregnancy. Clothes maternity take into account the new forms and feminine curves and therefore do not have to buy a size higher than usual which is an error committed many times.

So far we have only talked clothes, but you know that during the pregnancy it is common that they inflate you feet and there are women who need to fit a larger than usual number. What the experts recommend is to keep high heels in the closet and just take them out for special occasions (when do not have to spend much time standing) and daily wear shoes that provide the subject proper, broad form and with a 3 cm heel.

Not everything is pregnant clothes

Also, I have to say that although in this article of the fashion blog I speak of clothes for pregnant, it is true that we spend nine months of pregnancy with “normal” clothes without resorting to maternity clothes.

In my case, for one reason or another, I liked the pregnant clothes that I saw few times. Most of the time, I was with clothes that seemed very Lady’s or was too wide clothes and seemed that he wore a sack since or saw it too expensive to spend much money on clothes that I was going to put on a few occasions. Yes it is true that I did with pregnant clothes who knew he was going to use much, but I also combined it with my regular clothes. In addition, I admit that I also stole some shirt and several t-shirts in cotton of the closet of my husband.

In pregnancy, I bought the jeans and pants, low-waisted and so they didn’t bother me. I used many leggings that are perfectly adapted to my new body and are an ideal choice for autumn winter because they can be combined with long, to spring jerseys and summer because we can use t-shirts and blouses.

In winter, instead of coats of pregnant with that, honestly, I looked like a table stretcher, I decided to wear ponchos and coats that had before pregnancy.

One of the advantages that features clothing that is not maternity but serves for pregnant women is that, after giving birth, this clothing will continue to serve up to recover the figure before the pregnancy.

I played much with supplements because, as it happens to almost any pregnant, my costume was more limited. Shawls, scarves, handkerchiefs, belts, jewellery,… give a different touch that makes the clothes look much more varied than it is in reality.

All this is to say that every woman is a world, and each pregnancy, of course, also. We need to find what we do well and, most importantly, what they feel us comfortable during the months of pregnancy without forgetting that we are going to be moms, but women remain and, in addition to comfortable if we can make it beautiful and faithful to our usual style without being disguised, as better, don’t you think?.

Good day to tod@s!