Meaning of Ankle Chain

When the warm weather arrives we can finally put our pretty dresses, shorts and our skirts! Of course you want to be sexy and to do nothing prettier that an anklet see more! Very often certain matters (including the meaning of the anklet) on the part of customers of the jewelry, return every year, so we decided to do an article about it. There is a sense to wear the anklet left or right?

Wear anklet left or right?

Although some people think that there is a sense (as a side representing heterosexuality and the other the opposite), there is no common definition. This simply means that you choose the side of the ankle where you prefer to wear the bracelet. But mostly the right side represents heterosexuality.

For years women wear the Coast anklet they want, as the most comfortable and the coast or ankle is narrower side … The stereotypes on homosexuality or the “easy” are gone!

What is the significance of the anklet?

While the above may be true for most people, it should be noted that in some circles or lifestyles, wearing an ankle bracelet has no significance. In recent history (30-40 years ago) wearing an ankle bracelet was generally regarded as indicating that the bearer of this jewel was “available”.

More recently, a modern and attractive woman, you can find this gem around an ankle, usually the right, but not always, indicating that it is available and looking for love or adventure (even if there is a ring on his finger!).

But these are only examples and legends and of course it is a jewel to wear if you like it!

In conclusion anklets and their meanings

The ankle bracelet is just another jewel to feel more beautiful, as paradisdachat says. In summary we can wear our anklets when we want and the side that we like most!