Meaning of Anklet

The port of a chain at the ankle is a fashion phenomenon that is beginning to gain momentum in African countries, and even in Togo. Togolese women and girls wear them more. What can be the meaning of this new trend? The perception of this mode is not unanimous.

Today Dek on, Baguida (Lomé) or even Tomde, Kara South (Kara), the conclusion is clear: we see more and more chains in gold or silver worn on the ankles of girls and women. In Togo, this trend is interpreted in various ways.
There are some prejudices about women who wear a chain at the ankle. These women are taken for criminals or prostitutes. Indeed the port of a jewel at the ankle would come originally from Egypt. This was used for the Gypsy to list the number of lovers she had been able to have in his life. The young girls when they do not share these views, why, they are likely to adopt this mode. What is the true meaning of the ankle chain? lists 5 reasons that explain the port of the ankle chain:

A fashion phenomenon

They wear chains ankle because they feel best with. Men find this very attractive and sexy.

A symbol of middle-class

Remember that in time some African Queens wore. It was a social sign of belonging to a given rank.

A present from dot

In some ethnic groups of Africa, girls received jewelry pins for dot.
A talisman of protection

To the South of Togo, (Pearl or palm nuts) ankle bracelets were girls we thought owning by spirits of snake (dangbongbon) and sea (tompbyrne).
A symbol of sexual affiliation

Some people think that wearing the string to the left ankle is a testimony of belonging right, heterosexuality and homosexuality. But, I think that this is not really important. The bracelet can be worn at the ankle which you like the most. A woman who in door indicates its availability and its a love or a research adventure.

There are no meanings common to the port of a chain at the ankle. Frowned upon or not, the ankle bracelet allows the Togolese woman to be beautiful and seductive; then why not? I find no reason. Beyond all the meanings and prejudices, the ankle chain is before all a jewel that contributes to the beauty of women.
Whatever people say, this trend is loved by young girls and women. Then she should be appreciated by all.