Men’s Must Have Dress Shirts

There are four shirts that every man should have. First without which no classic clean white shirt. Although the standard can be used for all occasions. Your wardrobe should be varied and balanced to be prepared with all kinds of shirts not only this.

Besides white stripped shirt for evening outings must have and black. It is great for night entertainment. It looks elegant men with – dark hair and – light skin and also combines with almost all standard colors pants. Slim (slim fit) black shirt stand very chic and if you are in good physical shape. The other compulsory shirt is light blue, it also combines a wide range neckties and jackets, especially suitable for the office. Fourth binding type shirt white shirt with French cuffs, it is inevitable at official events.

Contrasting colors on the collar and cuffs can refresh your shirt. The collar and cuffs are a different color from the base color of the shirt through these small details will remain as memorable. Alternatively, collar and cuffs are in a different color only on the inside then the effect will be – discreet. Most – popular for such purposes is white cloth and stripes.

There is another way to refresh shirt putting monogram, which is seen contradictory some consider it distasteful others, it is a great way to personalize. In terms of positioning, there are two standard positions where they are placed. One is on the pocket, the other on the left cuff. Discreet monogram would be the – best choice, choose a color that is close to the main color of the shirt. It is further recommended that the placement of monogram is placed just plain shirts.

Design the shirts as you want. You can linings any part of the shirt, as it stand for some items, and you can choose any one of them. This is a guarantee for a wide variety of combinations.