Men’s Personal Grooming Guide

Too many men are grooming in a city in Russia, and often it becomes a balancing act between looking like a caveman or untrimmed Gustav from single life. However, it need not to be so hard, and when you first come into the rhythm, then you will find that regular grooming highlights and complements your looks, your wardrobe and your confidence.

Grooming can be a bit of a challenge, and most men don’t really have any concept of what it means – but for most it will be a combination of hair removal, skin care, shaving and haircut. It is not in itself something feminine or subway sexually, but rather a must for men who want to look good and want to have confidence in the top. In this post grooming for men is focused on, and practical tips on how to groomer yourself in top shape is provided.


Remove the mat

Yes, the first thing is hair removal – and it can be something of a hobbyhorse for many men. One thing is, however, certainly; it is the fewest women, who turn on a jungle-back or a few furry shoulders (ask your girlfriends). So boys, removed the mat on the back – especially if you plan having to visit the beach in the summer.


The back

The back is the least painful place to be grown, and it lasts much longer than a regular trimming. Granted, it can be a painful affair – but the longer that goes between the more waxing, hurt makes it. You can usefully set aside time for a wax every month. If you’re a chicken, then you can always tweak a panadol immediately before.



Do you plan to jump in a nice shirt, then it may be that the chest should also be under the knife trimmer. Opposite the back one can easily get away with a hairy chest, and there are actually women who do not think it is completely crazy. But, thus not said that you must stand. Use like the trimmer across the chest, and hold the hair growth slightly in the bottom.

And Yes, there are indeed cases where hair on the chest is a must – and that’s if you’ve got a mandigt and full grown beards. In this context, it is so no-go to be hairless on the chest.


The legs

No, no, ne, NE and nein. Unless you’re a competitive swimmer or runs the Tour de France, you must let the stubble on legs alone.


Skin care for men

Most men have had the fight with hickeys, and it is also the closest many come on regular skin care. But, of course, there is more for skin care than acne treatment. It can be a really good investment to perform regular skin care, and therefore you must – as modern men – of course also have created a daily routine for you. And don’t worry, it is therefore not necessary to rob his girlfriend’s tobacco toilet bag or to spend several hours in front of the mirror each morning. In the following you will get six tips for skin care for men.


  1. Use cold water: It can be a really good idea, to splash a little cold water on the head every morning – for not only it gets you started, so it also removes dead skin cells and freshens up the skin. If you simultaneously washes the skin with a facial wash that contains glycolic acid, you are well on your way to a healthier, cleaner skin.


  1. Use moisturizer: It should be done after a cleansing facial wash, but many men bestows not facial lotion a thought. Apply the selected facial lotion while the skin is still moist, as it contributes to the lotion penetrates better into the skin.


  1. Drink water: It is not only good for your health, it also helps impure skin. If you drink six to eight glasses of water a day you are well hydrated, and you will no doubt be able to see on your skin too.


  1. Think of wrinkles: Yes, it is not only women who get wrinkles – it makes men too. You can therefore usefully start using moisturizer against dry skin.


  1. Avoid sunburn: the sun’s rays and heat is always welcome, but a sunburn is bad news for your skin. The sun’s rays speed up the skin’s aging process, and it causes the skin to lose its elasticity. You can therefore with advantage use a moisturizer with sunscreen if you must be out in the sun for longer periods of time.


  1. Get your sleep: too little sleep leads many side effects with it: among other things, overweight, stress and bad skin. It is therefore always recommended that you get slept seven to eight hours each night – and moreover master your stress level.


In continuation of the above comes the usual Health Council as exercise, reasonable intake of fruit and vegetables as well as not smoking. But you already follow them to the letter, not?


Shaving and beard care

It’s fashionable with a well groomed beard, and it can really tops a nice outfit. But beard care is no joke, and if not you can master anything other than a little patches on the cheeks, so you must frequently and thoroughly shave.

The first link in a close and comfortable shave, is to follow the above advice about skin care for men. It means as much for your shave if your skin is oily and impure. Similarly, it is always a good idea to wash the skin with warm water, as it softens the stubborn stubble.

The next step is to inflict either shaving gel or foam. It is, of course, personal preference, which you prefer to use, as long as you’re not doing a dry shaving. It is simply a recipe for a regular skin care.

Finally, it is extremely important that you always use a sharp razor, if you want to have the closest and most comfortable shave. A dull razor can quickly lead to discomfort as well as beard fever.

And as always, that means applying moisturizing cream at the end of a comfortable shave. Wash the remaining shaving cream with cold, that closes the pores – and apply your lotion at last.


In other words, when you shave, you must:

  • Soften beard with hot water
  • Use shaving cream or shaving gel
  • Use a sharp and clean razor
  • Finish shaving with cold water and moisturizer