Mens Watch Accessories

Women usually have an infinite repertoire of clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. There, everything is matched to the eye shadow. Men have it easier-or is it maybe? Dress code, business casual, business, evening suit-and accessories according to the matching watch, the right cuff links or other schmückendem the question in the middle – if allowed. As a general rule: the less, the better. Watch, Cufflinks, wedding ring-possibly a Signet Ring, unless justified. Earrings and other jewelry is one depending on the customization craze – the features to be avoided. This is of course leave themselves each as he like to draw the attention on himself!

Are in the Office, or a leisure trip? The clothing, for which we daily can decide, has changed-the business world has changed, and suit and tie have served out in many areas. That doesn’t mean to appear completely casual in the oversized T-Shirt and Hoodie! Shirt and pants fits always a watch with stainless steel band, but maybe not necessarily polished.

Brushed-it always fits. If there can be no Rolex Submariner, is also a Marcello C. such outfit Tridente or an Invicta diver on the steel band. A plastic watch or even a G-shock are totally out of place. The clock will be so carefully selected!

You may ask yourself: why? Because the clock, regardless of the remaining clothing, says a lot about a man. Mostly reflects the clock even his personality braggart, blowhard,-quality conscious or conservative, reliable, faithful, precisely, accurately, or old-fashioned?How is the condition a smudged clock and verschmoddert, shoes still to ungeputzte: these are not good signs. By the way, according to many recruiters also a criterion that at least subconsciously-perceived and used.

Or fits the watch band even to the outfit, belt or shoes? Each watch has a vibrancy, and combination anyway. Watches and colour-matched cufflinks have, for example, a special effect. The clock is man’s only true form of jewelry – so choose wisely, you decorate with what.

For more information on outfit, watch and cufflinks you can visit Cufflinks-engraved-which is also possible for a few euros are something very special. Initials, coat of arms, or something else: At least something to adorn themselves to stay men!