Men’s Winter Coats Ideas

Men’s jackets:If you’re the type that likes winter for the possibility of wearing beautiful clothes, then the men’s coats are great options either by the look or its functionality.The coats are perfect to warm up with style.

“It’s cold!Do not forget the coat. “It is very common to hear this expression from mothers or grandparents, is not it?

Did you know that the jacket was designed to protect soldiers from the sun and rain during World War I in the early twentieth century?That’s right, so the coats are produced with sturdier and thicker fabrics.

Types of Men’s Coats

1 – Men’s Jackets – Trench Coat

The trench coat is an elegant coat, but was created in 1901 by Thomas Burberry, founder of the traditional Burberry British fashion label for World War I soldiers – and its details, such as belts and pockets, were initially used to store lanterns and grenades.

Originally made in gabardine, the Trench Coat can be made from canvas, leather, twill, jeans and wool.Great for work, for shopping at the mall, for an outdoor nightly event or for launching a nightclub or for fashion events.

Beige is the most common color, but today it has Trench Coat of all that is color:blue, black, military green.

2 – Men’s Jackets – Parca (Parka)

Inspired by the anorake, the coat by the Eskimos, the Men’s PARCA-style jacket comes with everything and boosts the trend of military fashion, for its robustness and quantity of pockets, with inspiration also in army uniforms.

This type of coat became symbol of the mod movement in the 1960s in London, won the international catwalks in recent seasons.In Brazil, of course, the gang connected in fashion loves.

It is a longer coat, reaching up to the middle of the thigh.The Parca case has a drawstring to leave the piece more tapered.It is produced in heavy twill, in nylon, sweats, jeans and even knit.

The military characteristic, of course, prevails in color, so military green and khaki are predominant in style.

3 – Men’s Jackets – Chesterfield Coat, the traditional overcoat

The most formal of all coats, created in the mid 1800’s in the town of Chesterfield in England. It was widely used by aristocrats of the time. In fact, the history of the origin refers to the Baron of Chesterfield, who would have lent his name to the coat and to an armchair. In Brazil it is known as the overcoat. It is an elegant piece even in the less formal looks .

It is the longest of the coats, its length exceeds the line of the knees.Made in tweed, but can also appear in wool.

4 – Men’s Jackets – Cardigan

Cardigans are less heavy-duty coats that can be worn during the day, when the cold is less intense on a few days in winter and goes very well for a more social look.

The cardigan originates in the first half of the 19th century, created by James Thomas Brudenell (Count Cardigan).He was a military man who did not feel well with the coat of the time and ended up creating his own cardigan.

The cardigan is a very versatile piece and goes well with a social shirt or polo shirt and even.Can be worn under the jacket or blazer.

Coturno for the cold days

One of the main trends of autumn-winter the coturno, which incidentally, are present in all seasons of the year with full force.These shoes are very versatile and guarantee a touch stripped for any look and are suitable for men who make a point of style, but do not give up comfort.

Work boots for cold days

Another option of shoes for the fall-winter season are the workboots.The design of this boot was inspired by the models that woodcutters used in the United States during the 1970s. Imagine the durability of a product that needed to last long periods of work in the forest?With that in mind, we have brought top-quality leather worboots to our collection, so even if you use your coturno for casual walks to the Mall, you will know that on the feet you have a quality product!

Boots and boots for the autumn-winter season

Above you can check out the Men’s Virage boot, a model that aligns the traditionalism of the rustic boots, normally used by the backlanders, with the modernity and comfort that only Ferricelli can provide for you.

Using the best research and development techniques, our specialists have proposed in the autumn/winter collection, the union between the safety of working shoes and the fashion of the award-winning cowboys on the catwalks.

Another novelty in the autumn-winter collection of the brand is the Virage Men’s Boot, a boot model that aligns the traditional strong and robust style with the style and design of the latest trends in international fashion. With the modernity and comfort that only the Ferricelli can provide for you.

In both models you can check soles in super flexible gel, 100% stitched, insole with memory and comfort adaption system and leather-lined insole for natural absorption of sweat.