Men’s Winter Jackets

We are in the middle of winter, FACT!Our country has continental dimensions.Certain regions suffer or are contemplated (as they please) with lower temperatures.Other places already have a winter that passes well unnoticed.

Cold or not, the time is now.This is the time to bet on cold pieces.Delayed?

He set off to do that well in style.Let’s list those pieces that only appear in the fall and winter.Let’s list the main types and jackets this winter.


The # 01 and also the darling of the moment is the bomber jacket or bomber jacket.She’s literally pumping.Wherever you go you find it in all that is place.

It is a result of trends like normcore, athleisure and everything else that relates to the comfort associated with style, fashion and the fashionista universe.Repaginated by big brands.With thousand prints, applications and flashy colors.The bomber is on the wish list of any man.


This fashion classic always deserves our attention.Ask for a joker and that goes beyond the barriers of time and fashion.It does not matter your style or your age.Those who have a good leather jacket will always be well protected when they do not know what to wear.

Prefer the synthetics of good quality, since this is a piece whose durability can be great.
Look at the models, because a more classic model can transpose the notion of fashion, collection or style, characteristic of certain epochs.


A perfecto is practically a leather jacket with some peculiarities. It is shorter, leaving the bottom in sight. Then she asks for a cool belt because he will be on show. In addition, it is super tight. Your measurements are appropriate to hug the top of the person and cover it, without any tissue left.
In addition, she has a lapel that resembles that of a blazer.This lapel is facing out.This type of jacket is much seen in the outfits of rockers and bikers.But she may be the boss of a more stripped-down look.


This one from being the next cousin of jeans will never go out of style.May the World end that it will always be there.Basic, detroyed, with wash, application, bottom, patches or embroidery.She’s always there, like fashion lovers, or not.Although there should be no one who does not like.

A basic is the primary requirement of survival because it suits everything.But who wants to have style this is the time of the destroyed, of the embroideries and, attention, of the graffiti (paintings that simulate graffiti).


Well copied from the “American Way of Life,”this type of jacket is typically from American schools and can be seen in Hollywood movies.

Of two or at most three colors, with white as one of them.With numbers and letters.They are usually in sweatshirt and very comfortable, so they are popularized here.

They are always synonymous with a more sporty footprint.


The puffer jackets, doudoune or bubbles, as they can be called fell in the popular taste by being well styled and warm. It is made of nylon and lined with goose down or some other synthetic material.
These jackets are basic, that is, without logos, numbers or prints visually disrupting the piece. In addition, it is a jacket that appears in stores in various colors and models, to match different looks.