Micro Camera Security System

Today it is found in hundreds of designs, disguised in all sorts of familiar objects with multiple functions and sold at relatively affordable price. How to make the right choice to make the most of their device?

Selection criteria

  • Make sure the camera is hidden and does not constantly emit light when it is running!
  • She must have infrared vision to film at night.The LEDs are used for this purpose, but they are slightly light red overnight, making it visible camera. Opt for cold LEDs, invisible in the dark.
  • Prefer a wireless device, remote controlled and equipped with a motion detection for filming most (if motion or presence) and save maximum battery!
  • Consider the size of maximum memory to facilitate long-term records.The information stored must be easily retrievable.

Accuracy: Records obtained by a micro camera can not be used as evidence in court. Only an accredited private investigator can legally use it.


These cameras incorporate various technologies that work differently. They can operate with a battery and save images directly on an SD card. Can be coupled to a digital camera recorder and instantly access their content remotely via a smart phone.

Some models

There are many that can hide in any everyday object. Here is a list of these models:

Built spy cameras

Fixed in a wall or ceiling, and they have some innocuous appearance which gives a perfect discretion.

Cameras hidden in everyday objects

They are the ideal hiding place for filming secretly being hidden in objects that arouse suspicion (alarm clock, clock …). These devices have several hours (up to 12 hours).

Infrared Illuminators

These models are equipped with motion sensors to scare away intruders. A bright flash fires automatically when the system senses a presence, which provides a picture or video of the burglars.

Wireless cameras

They are configured to use wireless connections, transmitting the data captured online via internet.It can receive images remotely on devices (Smartphone, computer …). They use battery power and manage recording with internal memory.

Detectors micro cameras

These are multifunctional devices that detect the  wired cameras and no son, the  mini-spies, the  microphones and portable transmitters. Thanks to this material, you can inspect your hotel room, office, apartment rental, shower, workshops …