Microsoft Surface Can Sing on Last Legs

It has never really been a success for Microsoft to throw himself into the tablet race with Microsoft Surface, but maybe they’re on their way out again.

Although there have been used a lot of money to develop and market Microsoft’s Surface-tablets, then they have never really captured the consumers. Microsoft should have lost 1.7 billion dollars on the Surface-the adventure, and now it may be enough for the Americans.

Digitimes has over sources with its suppliers of components heard that Microsoft will bow their Surface-line. It happens after disappointing sales figures of Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which is not expected to sell over a million copies.

Microsoft was said to not use a lot of effort to develop on the next generation of Surface line.

Microsoft will continue to lead Surface

However, there are also still things pointing in the other direction. Since Windows 10 was launched, among other things, emphasized that it will be easily and smoothly switching from pc to tablet – something that fits well to the Surface-the line’s nature.

Even though it’s not been confirmed anywhere, so should Microsoft also have been close to sending a Surface Mini on the street. Some even claim that Microsoft has a lot in stock just waiting that time will be the right thing.

Microsoft has also spent a great deal of money to promote their Surface-tablets. Microsoft is a partner with the NFL, and one of the most prominent ways, the partnership turns out is by Microsoft Surface has been with on the pitch during the fighting.

[UPDATE-Microsoft’s response]

On Microsoft’s own blog , the company also tells that the Americans are determined to continue to implement Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft boss Satya Nadelle says that Microsoft is putting its full and sustained effort behind the Surface line as one of Microsoft’s offer for the business.

Surface can be anything other than tablet

It is certain that Microsoft would like to have a foot inside the tablet industry, but with sale which seems to stagnate, the question is whether it is really worth it for Microsoft to go after that market.

From Microsoft’s page, it has been a big focus, that it is not only iPads, G-Pads, Galaxy Tabs, and the rest of the tablet market, which may benefit from a surface – it will also be able to replace a laptop.

Therefore, it may still prove to be a good idea for Microsoft to wager on their Surface-line. It requires, however, that Americans are starting to make money on Microsoft Surface.