Minecraft for Windows Phone on the Way

It is not surprising, but now it’s confirmed-Minecraft is on track to get a Windows Phone version.

The popularity of the game Minecraft is enormous, and it is also the main reason why Microsoft bought the company behind the game. However, there have not been a version for Windows Phone, but it gets there.

Due to the sale to Microsoft, it was anything but just expected that there would be a Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows Phone, but now it is official.

Jens Bergen stone, which is in the forefront of the development of Minecraft, have on Twitter confirmed that it is in the process of it.

“Yes, Minecraft: Pocket Edition comes to Windows Phone. Version is already running, but there is still much to do before a release is current, “writes Bergen stone.

Already a widespread success

Minecraft already exists for Android and iOS, and have sold an impressive 21 million copies of the game.

Take the copies for PC with so rounds Minecraft 54 million bought copies, and that was when there was a focus on Minecraft, also because Microsoft bought into.

Microsoft, for example, wrote in the press release not Mojang, as the company behind Minecraft called, but instead the game’s name – even though it is the entire Mojang, who now fall under the Microsoft.