Mobile Customers Are Fleeing from TDC

One of Denmark’s major telecommunications companies are under pressure after the private mobile customers in great style says goodbye to TDC.

When you see people on the street talking on the cell phone, then it is fewer and fewer times that it is a TDC customer, you’ve got your eye on. The company could tell that in the last quarter alone, the number of private mobile telephony subscriptions decreased by 23,000.

This means that the TDC has lost nearly 250 residential customers per day in the year’s third quarter. At the same time, revenue per mobile customer has fallen, and it is pushing the company’s economy.

Of positive news on TDC’s mobile front however, the company was able to report that it had received 13,000 new mobile customers in erhverssektoren. This does not, however, that the TDC total in the last quarter has lost 10,000 customers.

Economy arrow pointing the wrong way

The picture is not much better when you look at TDC’s total economy. In the last quarter fell TDC’s revenue by nearly 5 percent compared to the year before.

Also fixed telephony is strongly supported. Last year lost TDC 174,000 landline customers, and right now there are about a million of these back at TDC.

Broadband and tv in turn draws more customers to the company, and TDC have been able to tell about 31,000 respectively and 32,000 new customers in those areas.

TDC earned, however, still money in the last quarter. TDC earned barely 1.2 billion dollars – an increase compared to the same period the year before.