Mobile Led Design: Cool Light Mood for Balcony

Hugo? Hue go-the “hue to take”! Spring is fast approaching-heady days despite. And it will slowly but certainly time to usher in the barbecue on the terrace or the balcony: that uses atmospheric lighting accents at the start of the beautiful “outside time” this year new Philips hue go -the first mobile, wireless SmartHome led the ever growing Hue family of light giant from the Netherlands.

The “hue to take” delivers unique lighting anywhere. She is Steplessly dimmable in the entire spectrum of color and shades of white, comes with five dynamic lighting effects, as well as with a built-in switch and all innovative networking features of Philips hue. The light awarded with the iF design award is available from April in the trade.

Light on-the-go
“The digitization of light gives us a new world of possibilities: we can change the colors and intensity by pointing and control the lights like never before and experience”, explains Philips CEO Roger Karner. “Philips hue go extends this margin of discretion with the additional freedom: you can light anywhere take, where you create just a special mood, accents or change the ambience would – from the bedroom, on the terrace.” Here, the lamp with its round shape and translucent shell awarded with the iF design award is a real eye-catcher.

Hue go can be used ideally for indirect wall illumination or as a central element of decoration.Their indirect light ensures a comfortable atmosphere in the living room or at dinner. At the same time, you can take them with you and in the battery wirelessly on tables, boards, or weather permitting outdoors place – ideal for summer nights and barbecues on the terrace.

Advanced control and dynamic lighting scenes
With a button on the back can be changed even the light mood, if the Smartphone or a hue are tap – light switch to the hand. Along with warm white and a refreshing cool Daylight White are also five patented, dynamic lighting effects to choose this way: cozy candle, Sunday coffee, meditation, enchanted forest and night adventure. Any of these dynamic effects follow a his own course through distinctive colour combinations.

Unlimited networking opportunities
All functions known from the hue family can be also with hue use go via Smartphone or tablet. For example, light recipes for reading, relax, focus and energy fill up and light alarm clock to gently wake you up. In addition to the official Philips hue app, there are already more than 200 third-party apps, as well as approximately 2,000 light recipes of the Internet service FOURSQUARE. The application range lighting effects suitable for music and movies, or automatic colour light signals that subtly indicate incoming E-mail or a change in the weather.

Philips hue go lights about three hours at maximum brightness in battery operation. Integrated into a hue network go you hue networked with other lamps and lighting control. But also the creation of a new network is straightforward: that simply connect the wireless network Philips hue-bridge, which download Philips hue-app on the mobile device and the hue lamp connect go.

Hue go is designed to withstand high humidity, it is however not waterproof. Lamp can be used in suitable weather conditions or canopy outdoor. You designed but not for permanent outdoor use or the direct effect of such as rain.

Philips hue go is available from April for a suggested retail price of 99.95 euros.