Mobile Phones for Hits

In late summer 2005 Sony Ericsson did resurrect one of the great traditional brands of the Sony Group: the WALKMAN. Since then, Sony Ericsson has sold over 17 million Walkman phones.

Mobile Phones for Hits

The concept went on, finally, many still on the good old cassette walkmans remember. Developed from a single model in 2005 a series of mobile phones that can – reference not yet available now on nine representatives joined in.

Thereby inspire not only Hi-Fi fans for the devices, which in them a real iPod replacement sehenn. Also casual – and S-Bahn listeners who want to enjoy music on the way to work, more models with sophisticated music player, because the Walkman models are available to other devices of the manufacturer in nothing.

We present all current and upcoming models of the walkman series and give tips for the practice.

Can The Walkman Phones

Many phones offer an MP3 player. But what makes the Walkman phones from Sony Ericsson? What advantages and disadvantages do they offer?

Music playback
The Walkman phones support playback of MP3 and AAC files.This means: normally you can play all MP3s from your music collection. With files from Apple’s iTunes store they can begin but nothing with WMA files as well. These must be converted before. With on board which is at all walkmans “Mega Bass”, we already the of Sony’s walk and know discman. This “Mega Bass” increases the bass in the equalizer to the maximum level – nothing for sensitive ears.

Music from the PC to the mobile phone
You can use to fill with music so directly through the file manager of your PC all Walkman devices such as a portable hard disk. You can simply convert CDs into MP3 files with the supplied software disc-to-phone.

Effective use
An MP3 player makes little sense if it is hidden in the depths of the menu. Therefore, all Walkman phones have a special key for the player, which directly opens the music menu and again takes the playback where you last stopped.

Headphone Jack
The Walkman phones can not have a jack for standard headphones, but each brings an adapter plug in the headset. This means: the first part of the supplied headset connect the Jack of the cell phone and can connect it then any any headphone device.

The W550i discontinued model and the Smartphone Walkman W950i have a built-in memory that is does not expand. While this acceptable for the W950i with 4 GB, the W550i comes with only 256 MB. All other walkmans can be with memory cards of types of memory stick Pro Duo or memory stick micro M2 expand, currently up to 2 Gbyte. Although these types of memory cards are still quite expensive, but they are ultimately exposed to the decline of in memory prices.

The Best Tips For Your Walkman Phone

Like any mobile phone can be more or less hidden functions to use more effectively the Walkman phones. We provide the best advice for more musical fun.

Skip title despite key lock
Control via a joystick or navigation key runs with all Walkman phones except the W950i. Have enabled but the cell phone in your pocket and the key lock, can not go through this method to the next track. This is possible by pressing the volume buttons on the side of the unit to which an active key lock has no effect.

Define play lists, sort music
Who takes lots of music, should apply for greater comfort and better overview of playlists. This infamous music can be sort out or put together a favorite album. The function “More”, which is located in the submenu on the right softkey, you can also reorder the tracks and restore including the original sequence that messed up like device with albums due to the alphabetical sorting.

Music in the background
Multitasking capable are all Walkman phones from Sony Ericsson. This means: you can write messages during playback and send, or surf the Internet. Player to switch just about “More – minimize” in the background.

Wireless music playback
The latest models of the walkman series (W710i, W850i, W950i) also support the standard Bluetooth A2DP. This is a profile, which allows wireless stereo music playback, so that no wired headset is more necessary. Sony Ericsson, for example offers a headset (HBH-DS970) for around 90 euros.

The Best Tips For All Sony Ericsson

Not only the Walkman phones, but also many other devices from Sony Ericsson provide hidden features that significantly facilitate the work.

Set up shortcuts
The four directions of the joystick or directional pad can be “write SMS” with important functions such as for example phone book, or show “Call file manager”. You can make this setting in the options menu under “Links”.

Online button to define
You can use many devices line button to create a new SMS. Perform the following steps: connections menu > Internet settings > Internet profiles > more button > advanced > as homepage > name at its own discretion, as the URL “= sms:”. Now you can invoke easily the menu by pressing the online button to create a new SMS.

Edit photos
Scroll to the photo, select it and press “More”, then click “Edit”. Then, you can select the different tools depending on your preference. However, photo post processing is not supported by all image formats.

The camera shutter sound turn off
Simply select the profile meeting or decrease the ringer volume to “0”. This is possible but only for devices without branding.

GPRS switch off and save energy
To save energy, turn off GPRS. Under settings or control panel > Internet accounts > authentication is “AUD. Mode”easy to use”GSM only”. While the phone still usable via GPRS, GPRS is activated only then if it is really used by a program.

Copy and paste as on your PC
The latest models of Sony Ericsson as about the K800i support a full fledged “Copy & paste”. You can write a text message and then cut out the text using the “more” button and elsewhere insert again.

Conclusion: Comfortable Listening To Music

Because memory cards are getting cheaper, the cell phone has become a real alternative to the MP3 player. The Walkman phones from Sony Ericsson are ideally equipped for this purpose.

The Walkman phones are from House well with Music features equipped. Of course it differs from the starter to the high-end device, depending on, how deep you want to access in your pocket. Our photo spread gives an overview of all models.

With a few simple Tricks can you use these music features more comfortable. It is however necessary that you employ a little with the music player, learn its basic features about our tips take heed. After a short time you have your music collection sorted and with minimal effort at hand.

Not to forget: you consider also our General Tips for Sony Ericsson phones. Because, finally, also a fully functional mobile phone inside any Walkman phone.